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Tales of Demoncy

Album: ''Tales of Demoncy'' (2007)
1. Nocturnal Crucifixion
2. Back from the Dead
3. Incantations of Lamto
4. Zombied
5. Necromancy of the Damned / Deathworship
6. Olam Q'lippoth / Orgia
7. The Astromancer
8. Cadaverous
9. Blasphemy and Suicide
10. Infinite Alienation
11. M'khaseph (Sex Magick Mantra)
12. Necrofuneral


CACODAEMON was born in late 1996 by Crucitatus (guitars and drums) and Johan (vocals and bass known as Moribundus back then). 1999 CACODAEMON recorded their first material which is unofficial and kept in the dark. A year later, in February 2000 Cacodaemon recorded "Black Death Metal", which has very primitive sounds and has been distributed in one place only (as far as the members know).

After the demo was released, Obscurus joined to play the bass. During the summer of the same year, CACODAEMON recorded the tape LP "Fullmoon Ritual". The tape was delayed to 2001, as the master was lost, and moreover, taken to Re-Masters to be put on CD. With the help of a new drummer, Necrophiliac Bonegrinder, CACODAEMON started to rehearse new songs, which were recorded in the end of 2001 as "Morbid Winds Of Destruction". The tape EP was first talked to become a 7", yet the economical side of Cruciatus and Johan prevented such possibilities. After the same recordings, Wicked Ischanius joined to play the second guitar.

In 2002, "The Demoniac Invocation" LP was recorded by Mr Donner, yet the label, namely Infernal Waves, "bankrupted". Exh Goetie / D.U.K.E. then conspired to give birth to CACODAEMON's debut album which came out in November 2004 and is still availeble from many European and U.S. distributors, and directly from the label.

In 2004, CACODAEMON started playing live gigs: first gig with DE LIRIUM'S ORDER, SCORNGRAIN AND DARKWOODS MY BETHROTHED as Ischanius' last show, later with MALICOUS DEATH, URN, HELLSPIRIT, NAILGUNNER, DEMILICH, assisted by Tobias Hellraiser from PROUD TO BE LOUD.

While the year 2005 burnt to its end, some new CACODAEMON songs were put on tape. These three different sessions became "Tales of Demoncy", later brimmed with Obscurus' Sabbathian bass and Johan's infamous growling.

In 2007 "Tales of Demoncy" was released, and CACODAEMON accepted its bane and gave way to LANTERN, the continuum of Cruciatus' metallic sacrifice.

Death metal


Finland (Kuopio), formed in 1996

Exh Goetie / D.U.K.E.


Necrophiliac bonegrinder - Drums
Cruciatus - Guitars (Death Thrashers Kuopio)
Obscurus - Bass
Johan - Vocals

Wicked Ischanius - Guitar (Death Thrashers Kuopio)


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