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Fallen Angel

Album: ''Fallen Angel'' (1984 Single)
1. Fallen Angel
2. Another Beer (It's What I Need)

The Day of Wrath

Album: ''The Day of Wrath'' (1985)
1. The Exorcism
2. Cut-Throat
3. Insurrection of the Living Damned
4. Fallen Angel
5. The Great Deceiver
6. Mad Man
7. Whisky Time
8. Welcome Death
9. Endless Funeral

The Final Separation

Album: ''The Final Separation'' (1986)
1. Final Separation
2. Ride Hard-Die Fast
3. The Cave
4. Sex Symbols's Bullshit
5. "Don" Andras*
6. Never Relax
7. Don't Trust the "Saint"
8. The Death of Gods


Album: ''IX'' (1987)
1. IX
2. Desert !
3. Ilona the Very Best
4. Misogynists
5. Heaven's Jail
6. Rob "Klister"
7. The Derby
8. No-way
9. The Vision Never Fades


Album: ''Neurodeliri'' (1988)
1. Overture/Neurodeliri
2. Minkions
3. We are.....Italian
4. Art of Deception
5. Ilona had been Elected
6. Impotence
7. Mors Tua Vita Mea
8. Willful Death/You'll Be Recalled



There have been at least 3 metal bands under name Bulldozer:
1) Italian Speed/Thrash/Black Metal band formed in 1980 and split-up 1992.
2) Finnish Traditional Heavy Metal band formed in 1996 and split-up around 2002.
3) Croatian Heavy Metal band formed in 2001.
And a mythical French punk band in the late 70s.

Italian Bulldozer:
Bulldozer was frequently referred to as Italy's answer to Venom, and on the strength of their debut album, 1985's Day Of Wrath (produced by Algy Ward of Tank), it's easy why this was the case. Alberto Contini's bass and vocals both strongly resembled his Venom counterpart Cronos, and the band's messy Satanic pre-thrash metal was indeed quite similar to Venom's first couple of albums. They survived for a few more years and released three more albums that no doubt diverged from the Venom sound (they are not reviewed here), but for right or wrong, they never really managed to escape the Venom clone tag and never got above cult status.

Finnish Bulldozer:
Was project of guitarist Kim Högberg (who later sung in Helion), bassist Ville Lehtinen and singer Jarkko Ahola (ex-Dreamtale, Teräsbetoni). They had numerous drummers around, for example
Heikki Malmberg, who was also their last, as the band disbanded after he left to Diablo. They released 2 demos, "Bulldozer" and "Love/Hate". Their website (in Finnish) containing free samples:

French Bulldozer:
2 albums "J’suis punk" 1978 and "Des gamelles et des bidons" 1979, with members from Martin Circus

Black/Speed Metal

Satanic, Alcohol

Italy (Milan), formed in 1980

Bulld Records


AC Wild (Alberto Contini) - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Effects (1984-1992)
Andy Panigada - All Guitars (1980-1992)
Rob ``Klister`` Cabrini - Drums, Backing Vocals (1987-1992) (Sniffer Dog)

Dario Carria (R.I.P. 1988) - Bass (1980-1985) (Neurodeliri)
Erminio Galli - Drums (1980-1985) (Neurodeliri)
``Don`` Andras - Drums, Vocals (1985-1987)

Dr. D.O.P.E. - Vocals (Guest) on ``Dance Got Sick!``


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