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Arab Dream

Album: ''Arab Dream'' (2005 Demo)
1. Israfel
2. Sarajevo '94
3. She's Lost Control
4. They Don't Know



Derived from Art Brut, the term first used by the painter Jean Dubuffet (France, ca. 1950), to refer to a range of art forms outside the conventional dictates of the art world. Dubuffet amassed a large collection of graffiti art and art made by the mentally ill, prisoners, children, and other naive (untrained) artists whose raw or innocent vision was not producing art for profit or recognition, because they did not adhere to the cultural norms or fashion effecting most artists. Somewhere between children and mentally ill we found ourselves.

And here we are. Brutart often mistaken for britart. Four people with equally matched passion for unmistakably dark un-art. Four people that altogether weigh like five people, four money making machines. Four fun loving, beer drinking, weed smoking individuals that have some severe mutual interests. To be as organic and original as possible. To conquer and rule the mainstream. To meet E.T.

And (for 3/4 of us) it all started in 1979 when we were slapped on the butts. Who would know then that the stars are born. Certainly we had to wait until we grew up, grew hair and until we had the driving licences to make it all work, but the spark, the instinct that eventually brought and sealed us together was there.

In 2000 the first seed of things to come was planted.
In 2001 the miracle happened.
In 2002 Bla┼ż took over the grunting, beside his ever-more-melodious guitar weeping.
In 2003 the name BRUTART found us and we gave birth to Arab Dream.
In 2005 we're still kicking.
In 2007 you can pay with Euros in Slovenia.

doom metal

Slovenia (Jesenice/Bled), formed in 2000

On Parole Productions


Bla� Kelbl - vocals, guitar
Boris Poga�ar - guitar, vocals
Sebastian Mulej - drums

Kemal Ali� - bass


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