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A Tale Of A Broken Sword

Album: ''A Tale Of A Broken Sword'' (2005 Demo)
1. A Tale of a Broken Sword
2. Last Goodbye
3. We Will Rise


Album: ''Symphony'' (2007 Demo)
1. Symphony
2. Shadows
3. Hear me scream

broken sword


The story of the Broken Sword started some time in the begining of 2004 in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, when Andrej Bozic and Svebor Zguric first met and decided to make a band. in that time it was named Broken Strings and they played rock covers, as the time passed The band formed into a stable 4 without a signer. There were two guitarists: Andrej Bozic and Ivan Kuze, a bass player David Stojkovski, and a drummer Svebor Zguric. And they decided that rock doesn't cut it for them, so they turn to traditional heavy metal playing covers of IRON MAIDEN and missing a singer. Then David met Matija Auker in one bar in Zagreb, and they agreed that Matija would try to sing some IM songs on bend rehersal, so the rehersal came, Matija sang, and was accepted in the band. That was in the february of 2005. Ivan Kuze and Andrej Bozic have made 3 songs by that time, and the band recorded their first demo. It sounded pretty awful, but it got them their first live gig in a club Pracka ( in Zagreb, a small place, but for a first gig it was great. After that the drummer Svebor has started to miss rehersals, and didn't have his own drumset, so the band unanimously decided that there is a tame for a change. So the guitarist Ivan Kuze has called his childhood friend Nikola Pesut, to come and try out. The band was very satisfied with his performance and made him a permanent member. Then it came a time to record the same songs, only in a different studio, but still 'cause a lack of funds BS made it pretty poor sounding, but nevertheless much better than the last one. With it they got some great gigs in their home town of Zagreb. In the mean time Broken Sword was joined by a keyboard player - Ana Guberina. She has contributed a lot for the sound, and the looks of the band on stage. Then in May 2006, after some period of disagreement, after a show in club "A3" in the town of Knin, Andrej Bozic desides to leave the band due to some creative differences, and the pressure he was experiencing. Not long after Igor Breski has joined the Band as the guitarist, and with his creativiry the band started to create their own sound in the ways of heavy power metal, combining different styles to make their own. Soon after that came big concert for the band in "Tvornica" [eng: factory], as a support to a great local band called Divlje Jagode, and after it Ana Guberina has departed with the band due to some family issues. Then the band got chosen over almost 1000 bands to appear on a great festival called METALCAMP in Tolmin/Slo, with some of the greatest bands in the world like: Nevermore, Jon Oliva's pain, Amon Amarth, Edguy, etc. And BROKEN SWORD did thir best, and made some great contacts for the future. Unfortunatley soon after that the bass player David Stojkovski decides to leave the band, due to the pressure he feels, and his unability to keep track of the songs, he simply couldn't play them, so he left. And imediatley after his departure, BS is joined by a great bassist called Borna Plese.
During December 2006, BS recorded a new promo material enitilted SYPMHONY that will be available on a CD by the start of february 2007.


Matija Auker - Vocals
Ivan Kuze - Guitar
Igor Breski - Guitar
Borna Plese - Bass
Nikola Pesut - Drums


Heavy/Power metal

Heavy metal lyricism

Croatia (Zagreb), formed in 2005



Matija Auker - Vocals
Ivan Kuze - Guitars
Igor Breski - Guitars
Borna Plese - Bass
Nikola Pesut - Drums

Svebor Zguric - Drums
David Stojkovski - Bass
Ana Guberina - Keyboards
Andrej Bozic - Guitars


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