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Show No Mercy

Album: ''Show No Mercy'' (1986)
1. Evil that Men Do
2. Now He Is Gone
3. Fly Away
4. Forever In Darkness
5. Follow Your Heart
6. Show No Mercy
7. I Will Be With You
8. Thunder In The City
9. No Matter The Price
10. The First Will Be Last

Live To Die

Album: ''Live To Die'' (1988)
1. Metal Might
2. Hell No
3. In The Dark
4. Out For Blood
5. Live To Die
6. Fire And Brimstone
7. Whiskey Seed
8. Here Comes The Bride
9. Heroes

Silence Is Madness

Album: ''Silence Is Madness'' (1989)
1. Fool Me Once
2. Hot Down South Tonight
3. Silence Is Madness
4. Until The End We Rock
5. Evil Dreams
6. Under The Influence
7. All Hallows Eve
8. No More Nightmares
9. Rock Those Blues Away

Kinetic Faith

Album: ''Kinetic Faith'' (1991)
1. Troubled Times
2. Hired Gun
3. Ever Fallen In Love
4. Mountain
5. Ski Mask
6. Everybody Knows My Name
7. Young Love
8. Kiss The Train
9. Crimes Against Humanity
10. Sweet Louise

Snakes In The Playground

Album: ''Snakes In The Playground'' (1992)
1. Rattlesnake
2. Would You Die For Me
3. Psychedelic Super Jesus
4. Fallout
5. Saltriver Shuffle
6. Dust Through A Fan
7. I Miss The Rain
8. Don't Use Me
9. Picture Perfect
10. Love, Money
11. Some Things Never Change
12. Goodbye

Scarecrow Messiah

Album: ''Scarecrow Messiah'' (1994)
1. Beast
2. Place
3. Murder
4. Scarecrow
5. Crazy
6. Time
7. One
8. Doubt
9. Dadmom
10. Thorns
11. Questions


Album: ''Drop'' (1995)
1. Personal Savior
2. Mamma
3. You Never Knew Me
4. Life Is The Blues
5. Help
6. It Only Hurts When I Laugh
7. Thrill A Minute
8. How Long
9. Have You Made It
10. I'm Nobodies Hero
11. I'm the Devil
12. Jesus Came Back

The Jesus Experience

Album: ''The Jesus Experience'' (1997)
1. I Love You
2. The Worm
3. Till The End of the World
4. For You
5. Follow Me
6. Tell Me
7. Love / Hate
8. Once Race
9. I Hear Words
10. Cosmis Christ
11. One Last Glance


Album: ''Oddities'' (1998)
1. Intro
2. I Ain't Coming Down
3. Why Won't He Break
4. If I Told You It Was The End Of The World
5. I Found God
6. Closer To The Center Of The Earth
7. Tomorrow Makes No Sense
8. Day By Day
9. Spirit
10. It Is Only When I'm Left Alone
11. God's Human Oddities
12. Under The Blood
13. Die A Little Bit Every Day
14. Restore Me

Fist Full of Bees

Album: ''Fist Full of Bees'' (2001)
1. Too Tired
2. White House
3. Beginning of the End
4. Dog the Nine
5. Bitter End
6. War
7. Never Thought About Going Back
8. Soul Winner
9. Jesus in Me
10. God
11. California Sunshine
12. Rollin'

This Is It

Album: ''This Is It'' (2003)
1. Blow It All Away
2. To The Sky
3. More Than Human
4. Drop D
5. Head Lookin' For A Bullet
6. Best I Expect To Do
7. Evil Geniuses
8. Revolution
9. Baren River Blues
10. Microphone
11. Short Time In The Grave
12. Universe
13. White Elephant

Skin for Skin

Album: ''Skin for Skin'' (2006)
1. The Calm
2. Skin For Skin
3. End of Days
4. Take the Medication
5. Inside Ourselves
6. Hard to Kick
7. Fuel and Fire
8. Breathless
9. Prodigious Savant
10. Bang Goodbye
11. Rise Above
12. The Government
13. Super Ego Star
14. Hang On



Bride is a Christian metal/rock band formed in the 80s, by brothers Dale and Troy Thompson. Despite being criticized for their abrupt changes in style in favor of what's "hot", the band has remained largely popular in the U.S. and other places like Brazil.

heavy metal


United States of America (Louisville, Kentucky), formed in 1983

Retroactive Records


Dale Thompson: Vocals
Troy Thompson: Guitar
Lawrence Bishop: Bass
Mike Loy: Drums

Steve Osborne

Scott Hall
Frank Partipillo
Rick Foley
Steve Curtsinger
Andrew Wilkinson

Stephan Rolland
Jerry McBroom


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