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Album: ''.1'' (2005 EP)
1. I
2. II



Bossk are a 5 piece ambient metal band from kent, mixing heavy pelican or cult of luna esque riffs with the delicate melodic parts of isis/mogwai or sigur ros.

Upcoming and past shows bossk have/are playing include the following bands: part chimp, november coming fire, yndi halda, upcdownc, everette, the nothing, d-rail, send more paramedics, the hope conspiracy, love that kills, cubic space division, grails, doomriders and cult of luna.

After playing a series of very successful shows in spain with native band nahayran, they completed their headline UK tour in march 06, and toured with swedish band cult of luna in april 06. Bossk have recently finished their critically acclaimed tour with Bristol band symetry.

They recently signed to UK label QnotQ records, who will be re-releasing their debut ep with artwork by seldon hunt (isis, pelican, high on fire, neurosis) which will be out in the next few months nationwide. we are currently working on signing to a US label called big black cloud (this dialogue, kilkin) which will see the cd released with different artwork in the US, Germany, Holland, Austrailia. and to then release it through throne records in spain (the ocean) in digi-pak form throughout europe. we also plan to release a limited 10" featuring a remix by reuben grotto (twin zero/27, johnny truant, the blueprint) and an exclusive new track later this year. The cd titled "ep.1" features 2 epic songs (I and II), clocking in at just over 35 mins.

Bossk are already well known for our atmospheric live show, often playing in near smokey darkness, with only blue lights or candles to light the stage. a varied change from the typical metalcore band, that go well on any bill.

Bossk's debut cd was voted at number 21 in the top 50 releases in the post-rock genre for 2005, above and alongside artists such as red sparrowes, yndi halda, pelican, explosions in the sky and sigur ros.

For a sample of Bossk's music go to:

Atmospheric sludge

United Kingdom (Ashford/Kent), formed in 2005



Sam Marsh - Vocals
Tom Begley - Bass
Nick Corney - Drums
Alex Hamilton - Guitar
R. Vaughan - Guitar


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