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In the Shadow of Your Black Wings

Album: ''In the Shadow of Your Black Wings'' (1997)
1. The Embodied Core of Darkness
2. Breeding the Evil Inside
3. March to War
4. Scarred Lands
5. Nightshadow
6. Clouds of Sadness
7. ...with a Bloodstained Axe

WAR Vol. I

Album: ''WAR Vol. I'' (1998 Split)
1. ...Ja Kylmä Vesi Nuolee Oksaa
2. 100 Meters Final (Accelerate)
3. Flesh (GGFH Cover)
4. Breeding the Evil Inside (Bloodthorn Cover)
5. Spite
6. The End Offensive (War III)
7. Dead Men Don't Rape (GGFH Cover)
8. Kärsimyksien Vaaleat Kädet (...And Oceans Cover)

Onwards Into Battle

Album: ''Onwards Into Battle'' (1999)
1. As One In Darkness
2. ...Of Aeons To Come
3. Death To A King
4. Dead Silence
5. The Day Of Reckoning
6. Sounds Of Death
7. Beneath The Iron Sceptre
8. The Brighter The Light, The Darker The Shadow

Under The Reign Of Terror

Album: ''Under The Reign Of Terror'' (2001)
1. Deathmachine
2. The Return of Wrath
3. Demonblood
4. Age of Suffering
5. Fields of Blood
6. Mass Destruction
7. After the Attack
8. Deathcrush (Mayhem Cover)


Album: ''Genocide'' (2006)
1. ...For Those Whose Time Has Come (Intro)
2. Blood and Iron
3. Invoking the Apocalypse
4. Nightmare of Violence
5. They Will Arise
6. Forced Selfmutilation
7. Sacrificial Slaughter
8. Hell on the Eastern Front
9. Monolith of the Dead



Since the early days of Bloodthorn back in 1992, the band's musical expression has developed and changed through their various releases. From the doomy, cold tunes of the ”Natteskyggen” demo, to the atmospheric debut ”In the Shadow of your black wings” and the sophomore album ”Onwards into Battle”, up to the aggressive wickedness of ”Under the Reign of Terror”. The later saw the band abandoning the female vocals and keyboards that had been so prominent on the first two albums and going back to their roots of raw, extreme metal.

Now, four and a half years have passed with countless delays, difficulties, and lineup-changes threatening to lay Bloodthorn to its' final rest. But the band remained strong and finally return with their heaviest and most extreme album to this day. Spanning almost fortyfive minutes and including songs such as the savage and frantic "Nightmare of Violence," "Sacrificial Slaughter" and "Monolith of the Dead,"as well as the brutal onslaught of "Hell on the Eastern Front" and "Blood and Iron" and the crushing heavyweight "They Will Arise", the Genocide album marks a definite milestone in the band's career.

The album was recorded in Godt Selskap Studio (Chton, Griffin, Keep of Kalessin) with producer/engineer Knut ”Fug” Prytz (Necrophagia) who made sure Bloodthorn finally got the sound they were after.

Bloodthorn is:
Krell - vocals
Ihizahg - guitar
Harald - bass
Jehmod - drums
Sverre - guitar

Black/Death Metal

Darkness, Death, Evil, Nature, War

Norway (Trondheim), formed in 1992

Morningstar Records


Krell - Vocal
Ihizagh - Guitar (Wurdulak, Perished (Nor))
Sverre - Guitar
Harald - Bass
Jehmod - Drums (ex-Gorelord, Wurdulak, Perished (Nor))

Erlend Holm - Guitar (ex-The Embraced)
Flipp - Bass
Tom - Guitar
Kai - Guitar
Christine - Vocals
Knarr - Drums (Atrox (Nor)/Suffocation (Nor), Griffin (Nor))
Geir Michael - Keyboards
Alex Colin-Tocquaine (Agressor (Fra), Loudblast, ex-Imbecilator)

Session musicians:
Sigurd Engum - Synth on War Vol. 1
Frederik Shalin - Vocals on Onwards Into Battle, plays in Anata.
Necrobutcher - Bass (guest on ``Under the Reign of Terror`` (also in Mayhem (Nor), Kvikksølvguttene, ex-Checker Patrol)


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