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Eye of the Pessimist

Album: ''Eye of the Pessimist'' (2007)
1. A.d.
2. Broken Mirror
3. Eye of the Pessimist
4. Dearborn
5. Treacherous way
6. Relentless
7. Unscathed
8. No words
9. Beyond definition
10. Mulat



Starting out in June 6, 1996 (696 logo) from the Philippines and being around as a serious band since that period, it's safe to say Bloodshedd enters their new found passion.

Through the years, the band has to go on series of line-up changes, this five-piece has what it seems, a most solid line-up consisting of Bong Ecat & Bike Buick Vinas on guitars, Mc Santiago on bass, Toots Book on drums and Jojo Book on vocals.

Bloodshedd has until today managed to produce a full-length album under Tower Of Doom Records. In time for the release of Bloodshedd’s Eye of the Pessimist album, the band will go series of bar tours to promote their album in the Philippines and as far as they can play.

With only the inspiration of their anger as a guide, these five men prove that their art is not an attempt to solve the problems caused by society. Their only concern is to state those problems in an honest way through their music. Riding-out with their style of music which is death-thrash, the band will stick to their arsenal of virtuosity in its purest form.

Death/Thrash metal

Philippines (Paranaque), formed in 1996

Tower of Doom records


Jojo Book - Vocals
Bike Buick - Guitars
Bong Ecat - Guitars
Mc Santiago - Bass
Toots Book - Drums


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