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A Time of Changes

Album: ''A Time of Changes'' (1985)
1. Ragnarok (Instrumental Inferno)
2. Inferno
3. Blitzkrieg
4. Pull the Trigger
5. Armageddon
6. Hell to Pay
7. Vikings
8. A Time of Changes
9. Saviour

Absolute Power

Album: ''Absolute Power'' (2002)
1. Legion
2. Soul Stealer
3. Who Takes The Fall ?
4. Enchanted Tower
5. We'll Rock Forever
6. Terror Zone
7. Hamunaptra
8. Dark City
9. The Face Of Death
10. DV8R
11. Metalizer
12. Feel The Pain

Sins and Greed

Album: ''Sins and Greed'' (2005)
1. Hell Express
2. Excessive Force
3. Standing Still
4. Rise
5. Traitors Gate
6. Escape From The Village
7. Eyes Of The World
8. Calm Waters
9. Desolation Angel
10. Silent Scream
11. Jeckyl & Hyde
12. Hell Bent For Leather (Judas Priest cover)



There are/were at least 8 Bands called "Blitzkrieg".

1) Blitzkrieg is a NWOBHM-band. Their song Blitzkrieg was covered by Metallica.
Visit the Official Blitzkrieg website -

2) Blitzkrieg existed for a short time in the mid-1980s, in Sweden, but soon changed its name to Therion. 2 short Blitzkrieg tracks can be found on a fanclub CD issued by Therion and available in their webstore.

3) Blitzkrieg was a hardcore punk band that existed from the mid-80s to early-90s in the U.K. The lineup was Spike on vocals, Gaz and Ales on guitar, Mal on bass, and Freddie Doyle on drums.

4) Blitzkrieg was an anarcho-punk/hardcore punk band from the Netherlands that existed from 1982 untill 1984 and released one LP called "Complete Disarmament"

5) Blitzkrieg is a czech one-man project. Check website:

6) Blitzkrieg was the name used by the german krautrock band Wallenstein when it was first founded

7) Blitzkrieg was a punk band from Hannover/germany with this name that has released a 7" on Nordtstadt in 1981 and was featured f.e. on the Lost&Found compilation "a golden shower of 72 hits". (

8) Blitzkrieg was also punk band located in Novi Sad/Serbia, which played during 90's.


War, social issues, life

United Kingdom (Leicester), formed in 1980

Armageddon Music


Brian Ross - Vocals (ex-Satan (UK), Lone Wolf, Avenger (UK), Anvil (UK), Kashmir)
Ken Johnson - Guitars
Guy Laverick - Guitars
Paul Brewis - Bass
Phil Brewis - Drums (ex-Satan (UK) reunion gigs)


Guitars :
Ian Jones (1980-81)
Jim Sirotto (1980-81, 1984-86)
John Antcliffe (1981)
Mick Proctor (ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang, ex-Jess Cox) (1984-86)
J D Binnie (1986-87)
Chris Beard (1986-87)
Steve Robertson (1988-89)
Glenn S. Howes (1988-90, 1996-99)
Tony J. Liddle (1989-96, 2001-02)
Phil Millar (1996)
Martin Richardson (1996-98)
Paul Nesbitt (1992, 1998-2006)

Bass :
Steve English (1980-81)
Mick Moore (Avenger (UK)) (1981, 1984-86, 1991)
Darren Parnaby (1986-87)
Robbie Robertson (1988-89)
Glenn Carey (1989-90)
Dave Anderson (1992-94)
Steve Ireland (1996)
Gav Gray (1996-99)
Andy Galloway (ex-Ligature, Reign of Erebus, Acolyte's Ruin) (2001-04)

Drums :
Steve Abbey (1980-81)
Sean Taylor (Satan (UK), Pariah (UK), Blind Fury, Raven (UK), Warrior) (1984-86, 1991-94)
Sean Wilkinson (1986-87)
Kyle Gibson (1988-89)
Gary Young (Avenger (UK)) (1989-90)
Paul Ward (1996)
Paul White (1996)(ex-Season's End, ex-Reign of Erebus)
Neil Nattrass (1996)
Mark Hancock (1996-98)
Mark Wyndebank (1998-99)


Search lyrics by band name or use our Advanced Search engine: 
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