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Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterboge

Album: ''Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterboge'' (1998 Demo)
1. Fortabte Horisonter
2. Still Lost In The Autumn Of Eternity
3. Dark Summernights Of Eternal Twilight

Times And Unknown Waters

Album: ''Times And Unknown Waters'' (2000)
1. Concluding The Dive Of Centuries
2. Fortabte Horisonter
3. Of Times And Unknown Waters
4. Still Lost In The Autumn of Eternity
5. (Sagnet Om) Manden Med Den Sorte Hat
6. Dead Inside
7. Dark Summernights Of Eternal Twilight
8. End/Midnight

A World To Drown In

Album: ''A World To Drown In'' (2003)
1. Cover Me With Your Eyes
2. To Meet You In Those Dreams
3. A World To Drown In
4. Stars In July
5. (Don't) Tell The World
6. Procession
7. En Nat Bliver Det Sommer
8. Monument
9. White

blazing eternity


BLAZING ETERNITY is an Atmospheric Doom Metal band from Denmark.

Who would have thought BLAZING ETERNITY capable of such development? Both of the demos ‘Over Sorte Heder’ (1995) and ‘Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterborge’ (1997) have already proved their songwriting excellence which is seldom reached in today's underground. An album such as ‘A world to drown in’ however would have been unthinkable at the time. Although the last titled tape brought about a record deal.

‘Times and Unknown’ the debut album from the Danish formation was recorded some years later under the direction of Markus Stock in the studio E Form. Made up of black metal and melodies it makes you think of the great Katatonia at times. BLAZING ETERNITY carve out their own style with Nordic Night Metal. At that time new songs such as that of ‘Of Times and Unknown Waters’ were joined with the newly recorded demo classics above all the melancholy darkened by Peter Mesnickows grim, sometimes dreamy, sometimes bitter voice.

But at the time BLAZING ETERNITY already showed new style elements
The second album „A World To Drown In“ was another big step forward for BLAZING ETERNITY.
The structure of the songs stays manageable, an ever more heartgripping melody with a catchy refrain. Though the most moving thing on it is Lybeckers singing which suppressed the harsh vocals and shows much heart. These are emotions that stay on the tip of the tongue presented so strongly that you can only lose yourself in it. With that bare of emotion to speak of the empty horn of plenty of feelings can hardly be reckoned with. As it knocks on tender yearning there gleams pure despair. A heart was taken here for BLAZING ETERNITY.

Over Sorte Heder (1995 Demo)
Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterboge (1998 Demo)
Times and unknown waters (2000)
A World To Drown In (2003)

NOTE: also released a demotape in 1993, 'Tragedies', under the name 'Ancient Sadness'

Atmospheric Doom Metal

Denmark (Copenhagen), formed in 1993

Prophecy Productions


Peter T. Mesnickow (Nattevogter PTM) - vocals
Morten Sauron Lybecker - guitars
Lars Korsholm - drums
Anders I. Kristiansen - Bass

And session members courtesy from Saturnus:

Kim Larsen - guitars (ex-Saturnus, The Loveless, Of the Wand and the Moon)
Anders Ro Nielsen - keyboards

B.S. - Bass (1993-1996)
Magnus "Hunger" Darkenfald - Bass (1996-2000)


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