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Silicon Messiah

Album: ''Silicon Messiah'' (2000)
1. Ghost in the Machine
2. Evolution
3. Silicon Messiah
4. Born as a Stranger
5. The Hunger
6. The Brave
7. Identity
8. Reach for the Horizon
9. The Launch
10. Stare at the Sun

Tenth Dimension

Album: ''Tenth Dimension'' (2002)
1. Forgotten Future
2. Kill and Destroy
3. End Dream
4. The Tenth Dimension
5. Nothing Will Stop Me
6. Leap of Faith
7. The Truth Revealed
8. Meant to Be
9. Land of the Blind
10. Stealing Time
11. Speed of Light
12. Stranger to the Light

As Live As It Gets

Album: ''As Live As It Gets'' (2003 Live album)
1. Speed of Light
2. When Two Worlds Collide
3. (Tough As) Steel
4. Kill & Destroy
5. End Dream
6. Stare at the Sun
7. Land of the Blind
8. Silicon Messiah
9. Dazed & Confused

Blood and Belief

Album: ''Blood and Belief'' (2004)
1. Alive
2. Ten Seconds
3. Blood and Belief
4. Life and Death
5. Tearing Yourself to Pieces
6. Hollow Head
7. Will to Win
8. Regret
9. The Path and the Way
10. Soundtrack of My Life

Alive in Poland

Album: ''Alive in Poland'' (2007 DVD)
1. Intro
2. Speed of Light
3. The Brave
4. Futureal
5. Alive
6. Tough as Steel
7. Man on the Edge
8. Virus
9. Ten Seconds
10. Two Worlds Collide
11. Look for the Truth
12. Kill and Destroy
13. Silicon Messiah
14. Tenth Dimension
15. Sign of the Cross
16. Born as a Stranger


Heavy Metal

Sci-Fi (first two albums), Life, Inner Struggles

United Kingdom (England), formed in 1999


Changed name

"Blaze" Bayley Cook - Vocals (ex-Iron Maiden, ex-Wolfsbane)
Nick Bermudez - Guitar (ex-Under Threat)
David Bermudez - Bass (ex-Under Threat)
Rich Newport - Guitar

Jeff Singer - Drums (1999-2003) (China Beach, Paradise Lost, ex-Kill II This, City of God)
Rob Naylor - Bass (1999-2003) (ex-Rise to Addiction)
John Slater - Guitar (1999-2004) (Rise to Addiction)
Steve Wray - Guitar (1999-2004) (Rise to Addiction)
Luca Princiotta - Guitars (2005-2007) (ex-Deathector)
Oliver Palotai - Guitars (2004-2007) (Doro, Circle II Circle, Kamelot)
Christian Ammann - Bass (2005-2007)
Daniel Schild - Drums (2005-2007)
Rico Banderra - Drums (2007)

Live/Session members:
Phil Greenhouse - Drums (on As Live As It Gets tour)
Jason Bowlds - Session Drums (ex-Pitchshifter)
Daniel Loeble - Live Drums (ex-Rawhead Rexx, Helloween, Glenmore)
Wayne Banks - Session/Live Bass (ex-Sabbat (UK), Messiah's Kiss, ex-Godsend (UK))
Nick Douglas - Live Bass (Doro, Chris Caffery, aka Nick Mitchell in Deadly Blessing, The Log, Cycle Sluts From Hell)


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