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Faustian Dream

Album: ''Faustian Dream'' (2006)
1. Faustian Dream
2. As Black as the Roses (as Weak as My Smile)
3. Bible Black Tyrant
4. Wrath Without Hate
5. Where Will You Hide
6. Winterkill
7. Scandinavian Melancholy
8. Frailest
9. Faustian Scream

black crucifixion


BLACK CRUCIFIXION began in 1991, featuring FORN (vocals) and BLACKSOUL (guitar) with Beherit members SODOMATIC SLAUGHTER (drums) and WENNSTRÖM (bass) joining them.

The band debuted on August 23rd 1991 at the metal festival Day of Darkness in Oulu. SENTENCED, IMPALED NAZARENE, DEMIGOD, AMORPHIS, BELIAL and BEHERIT also performed. A heavy night, huh?

SIR LUTTINEN from IMPALED NAZARENE was supposed to fill the drummer’s seat after SODOMATIC SLAUGHTER left the band.

Black Crucifixion was never a project band of BEHERIT members, but BEHERIT main man HOLOCAUSTO VENGEANCE had input on the recording sessions for Black Crucifixion’s debut demo “The Fallen One of Flames” that was recorded in December 1991 as he worked as a co-producer in the sessions.

“The Fallen One of Flames” was released as a limited 250-copy limited edition tape by Fallen Pages Productions, which had also published three issues of the cult zine FALLEN PAGES.

Black metal died in 1993. Some even claim it was in 1992. Scientists all over the world still argue about the exact date.

After “The Fallen One of Flames”debut. BLACK CRUCIFIXION was through with black metal and started to call their music dark metal. What is that? Well, listen to “Promethean Gift” and find out. Pretty soon after that it became obvious that all music only needs two categories: bad music and good music.

Is the “Black Metal” album by Venom actually black metal? Or punk rock played by amphetamine crazed Motörhead fans scaring their pub mates with lyrics about Satan? And who gives a shit anyway? Well, “Buried Alive” and the title track are great tunes anyway –
and the cover illustration is a classic.

The original BLACK CRUCIFIXION logo was designed by TANELI JARVA. He is responsible for the classic logos of SENTENCED, IMPALED NAZARENE, BLACK LEAGUE and BEHERIT as well. He has also played in the first three of the bands.

The Finnish metal underground super-band was on stage for one song in July 1992 in a steamy club in Joensuu, as vocalists FORN from BLACK CRUCIFIXION and MIKA from IMPALED NAZARENE joined BEHERIT for a rendition of “Sathanas” by SARCOFAGO. SIR LUTTINEN was BEHERIT’s drummer at the time.

The song “Goddess of Doom” was only featured on the first 50 copies of the 250 copy limited edition tape “The Fallen One of Flames”.

BLACK CRUCIFIXION believed in limited editions. Why? Well, it was never music for the masses.

The 250 copies of “The Fallen One of Flames” tape soon sold out and it was praised by the press and fellow bands. But black metal was already beginning to lose what made it different from all other styles of music: band after band started to paint their faces and compete in brutalities and morbid deeds. It became a trend. This is why bands like BLACK CRUCIFIXION and BEHERIT had to evolve. They chose very different paths as BEHERIT steered towards electro ambience and BLACK CRUCIFIXION felt more metal music inside them.

After “The Fallen One of Flames”, BLACK CRUCIFIXION started to work on their debut album for Austrian Lethal Records. New member E.HENRIK (bass) took responsibility for some of the song writing and the band’s sound took a huge leap. No more the murky sound that had already become a convention inside the scene infested by bands jumping on the band wagon.

“Promethean Gift” came out in 1993, presenting metal that, like BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, SAMAEL, BEHERIT (Drawing Down the Moon), TIAMAT and NECROMANTIA, reached beyond the boring monotony of less talented bands.

BLACK CRUCIFIXION started to work on a full-length album entitled “Faustian Dream”, but it was not finalised as the band grew tired of the scene around them. The name BLACK CRUCIFIXION was buried in dust even though various labels tried to convince the band to return.

The cover illustration of the 1993 release “Promethean Gift” is a Finnish masterpiece painted by Hugo Simberg in 1903. No image could have worked better with the music. Check him out!

The mysterious “Faustian Dream” is the metal album that has been under construction for the longest time in the world.

Other bands that some BLACK CRUCIFIXION members have played in include: BEHERIT, PARADE OF SOULS, PROMETHEAN, GOAT VULVA.

Black Metal (old), Dark Metal (new)

Occultism, Satan (old), death, melancholy (new)

Finland (Rovaniemi), formed in 1991

Paragon/SoulSeller Records


Forn - Vocals, instruments (ex-Promethean)
E. Henrik - Instruments (ex-Parade of Souls)
B. Aphel - Guitar (Black Swan (Fin))
Kullervo - Drums (ex-Parade of Souls)

Demonic Blacksoul - Guitar, bass, synth
Sodomatic Slaughter - Drums (ex-Beherit, ex-Goat Vulva)
Holocausto Vengeance - Intro & outro (ex-Beherit, ex-Goat Vulva, Suuri Shamaani, Pentagram)
Arjo Wennström - Bass (ex-Beherit, ex-Painflow, ex-Parade of Souls)
Lehtar - Drums


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