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Ascendan Moon

Album: ''Ascendan Moon'' (2004 Demo)
1. Awakening the Moon
2. Sunset Crimes of Passion
3. Medieval March
4. Moontrance
5. Light´s Satire
6. Ode to Shadows of the Lights


The name BEU RIBE (Spanish pronunciation: beú ribé, English pronunciation: b-oo ree-b) was taken from a female character of the Aztec novel from Gary Jennings; and was chosen because of her dark, proud and tenacious way to face life, love and death; and those values were similar to the ones that the founding members of this group wish to take form trough atmospheric and melancholic melodies, gather with the strength and brutality that lies within metal.

So, English translation of BEU RIBE from Zapotec means “awaiting moon” and together with the character from the book symbolizes a yearning of trascendency and sublimation of the feelings from all the members of the band through the music and lyrics of each song.

BEU RIBE was born from the agnostic imagination, mother of offenses and saucinesses of Giordano (voice) and Jose Cruz (bass), with Soyuz as drum player on May the 7th 2003. On a short amount of time, and having had several unstable members on guitar, Soyuz decides to quit the band due to personal reasons.

On July 2003, Agustin (keyboard) joined Beu Ribe, contributing with a new approach to the course of the band, with depressive and surrounding atmospheres.

By February 2004, Eduardo Alejandro (guitar) joined, giving a wider and experimental course through alternative sounds, despite his non-conventional approach to the black gothic metal sound that the band had in that time. Also, a few weeks later, Fernando Barba (violoncello) gathered with Beu Ribe to form a solid base, with harmonizing sounds and a touch of strength. On a short notice of time, once again Soyuz rejoins the band, giving the ultimate line up and a unique sound for the recording of their debut demo called “Ascendant Moon”.

By October 2005, after year and a half of being part of Beu Ribe, Eduardo Alejandro was dismissed from the band, due to ideological and genre differences. On November of the same year Jose Alvarez a.k.a. Joe (former member of Mortoss) takes his place, giving as a result a powerful and more mature sound to the band.

Unexpected line up changes strike once again by 2006; this time Soyuz and Barba decided to permanently quit the band due to his commitment to his graphic design and medical carrier as well. Also, Joe decides to leave Beu Ribe to fully concentrate on his trash metal project called Embryo.

The search for guitar and drum players finally ends by August; first P.B. (drums) joins the band to continue with songwriting and the scheduled gigs outside of Jalisco state. A couple of months later, Gabriel (guitar) gather with Beu Ribe. Both new members define the more brutal and powerful sound that the band was looking for to evolve from their “Ascendant Moon” demo. By December, with renewed line up and new vigor of force, Beu Ribe steps once again studio to record their second demo “Full Moon Symphonies”. A few weeks later Beu Ribe is finally completed with the addition of Octavio (guitar) to the band’s lineup; to finally show their new facade and redefine their sound, marking the guideline of the future of this promising band…

Band from guadalajara, jalisco, mexico.

They claim to be black/gothic/symph metal. Their lyrics are mostly in english.

Gothic Black Metal

Mexico (Guadalajara), formed in 2003

Son of a Bitch Records


Giordano - Vocals
Jose Cruz - Bass
Eduardo Alejandro - Guitars
Gerardo Agustin - Keyboards
Fernando Barba - Violoncello
Parka - Drums
Ivonne - Vocals

Soyuz - Drums


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