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The Gate Of Nothing

Album: ''The Gate Of Nothing'' (2004)
1. Revelations In A Dream (Intro)
2. 9 Times 99
3. The Devil In Him
4. The Gate Of Nothing
5. The Secret Of Shenzen
6. Good-Bye My Dream, Good-Bye My Hell
7. Demon's Spawn
8. Blind-Folded Glory
9. The Entity
10. Your Last Lies
11. Intimate Games
12. Subnuclear
13. In My Darkest Hour (Megadeth Cover) [Bonus Track]


In the 2000 Ivo Ricci, composer of the Black Dama (Butterfly, 1997), decides to create a musical plan: the Betoken. A year after comes to the light Chrysalis (autoproduct and not distributed). In this first present album one characteristic fundamental of Betoken plan: the presence of musicians with a background musical enough far away from the prog-power metal proposed from Ricci. It allows us plan to the same not to be based on the clich that the kind would want to impose. In Ricci aid, in fact, they arrive the Just drummer Daniele Giusti (Morgana Project), the singer Marco Sivo (Time Machine, Valas) and AlessandroTolone (XToy) that he participates actively to the composition of lyric and witnesses. Chrysalis sees also the participation of Bianca Iannuzzi to the voice, Elena Todisco to violino and the apparition of Michele De Ponti (guitar). After the escape of Chrysalis Ricci he prepares the material of the successive album characterized from one greater presence power and mix with the classic metal old style. Meantime Michele De Ponti (former Black Dama) enters to make part to accompanied full load it of the band, seen also the defection of the Iannuzzi, from Eva Rondinelli (voice of the Dakrua) and from the bass player Luca Bonomelli (XToy). The arrival of the new elements coincides with the interest of the Adrenalins/Steelhearth Record; just under this label, in December 2004, that The exits the new album from the title it gate of nothing that sees also the participation of the Praise the Lord choir. The gate of nothing obtains bonds response from the critic but, because of the Just defection of Daniele Giusti a pair of months after the escape of the album, its promotion live turns out inadequate if not practically nonexistent.Meantime also the singer Marco Sivo comes replaced from Francesco Ferreri. Of it they follow only some of concerts before I re-enter in study in order to record I Can Win for the Italian Championship Wrestling ad hoc. I re-enter in study sees an other change in linens-up: the bass player Luca Bonomelli comes replaced from the bass player of Beholder (Italian Power/Heavy metal band) Raven. and the new drummer is Giulio Capone (BEJELIT,DRAKKAR) The new album of the band "DEAD SOUL INSOMNIA"comes recorded to July 2006 near OLD ONES STUDIO and will come published the 26/11/2006

Power Metal

Hell, Madness, Mind, Life

Italy (Milan, Lombardy), formed in 2000

Old Ones Records


Eva Rondinelli - Vocals (Dakrua, Thy Majestie)
Francesco ``Frank`` Ferreri - Vocals (Valas)
Ivo Ricci - Rhythm, Lead & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards (ex-Black Dama)
Michele De Ponti - Lead & Acoustic Guitars (ex-Black Dama)
Raven - Bass (Beholder, ex-Derdian)
Ivan Belloni - Drums

Marco Sivo - Vocals (Time Machine, Valas, ex-Derdian, ex-PerpetualFire)
Alessandro Tolone - Vocals (Xtoy)
Luca Bonomelli - Bass (Xtoy)
Daniele Giusti - Drums (Morgana Project)
Cesare ``Jacov`` Leone - Drums
Giulio Capone - Drums and piano (ex-Pandaemonium (Ita), Bejelit, Drakkar (Ita))

Bianca Iannuzzi - Vocals (on ``Chrysalis``)
Elena Todisco - Violin (on ``Chrysalis``)
Marco Augusti - Keyboard and Choir's director (on ``The gate of nothing``)


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