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Obscure and Deep

Album: ''Obscure and Deep'' (1994 EP)
1. Obscure and Deep
2. Bloodstained Ritual
3. Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath


Album: ''Blutsabbath'' (1997)
1. Abschwörung
2. Blackest Ecstasy
3. Purity Through Fire
4. Behind the Black Moon
5. Blutsabbath
6. No Resurrection
7. The Requiem of Hell
8. Untergang der Gekreuzigten
9. Path of Sin

Necrodaemon Terrorsathan

Album: ''Necrodaemon Terrorsathan'' (2000)
1. Necrodaemon Terrorsathan
2. Vomit Upon the Cross
3. Diabolical Possession
4. Lust Perishes in a Thirst for Blood
5. S.B.S.R.
6. Sadism Unbound / Lechery on the Altar
7. Tanzwut Totengesange
8. Cremation of Holiness
9. Necrodaemon Terrorsathan, Part 2 / Outro: Analjesus

Infernal Live Orgasm

Album: ''Infernal Live Orgasm'' (2002 Live album)
1. March of the Dead
2. Purity Through Fire
3. Necrodaemon Terrorsathan
4. The Last Supper
5. No Resurrection
6. Swarm of Rats (studio track)
7. Diabolical Possession
8. Blackest Ecstasy
9. Requiem of Hell
10. Der Untergang, Part 2 (studio track)
11. Graves of Sorrow (demo)
12. Hellbound (demo)

Lucifer Incestus

Album: ''Lucifer Incestus'' (2003)
1. Inflamate Christianos (Intro)
2. The Goatchrist
3. Diaboli Virtus in Lumbar Est
4. Demonic Staccato Erection
5. Paradise Regained
6. Fukk the Blood of Christ
7. Lucifer Incestus
8. The Sin-Hellfucked
9. Fleischrequiem 69 (Outro)

Goatreich - Fleshcult

Album: ''Goatreich - Fleshcult'' (2005)
1. The Cruzifixus - Anus Dei
2. Bleeding Salvation
3. Fornicationium et Immundus Diabolus
4. Sepulture of Hypocrisy
5. Goatreich - Fleshcult
6. Swarm of Rats
7. Kings Shall Be Kings
8. The Crown Massacre
9. Festum Asinorum / Chapter 2

Pestapokalypse VI

Album: ''Pestapokalypse VI'' (2006)
1. Belphegor - Hell's Ambassador
2. Seyn Todt in Schwartz
3. Angel of Retribution
4. Chants for the Devil 1533
5. Pest Teufel Apokalypse
6. The Ancient Enemy
7. Bluhtsturm Erotika
8. Sanctus Perversum
9. Das Pesthaus / Miasma Epilog



Belphegor emerges as one of the most extreme line ups to ever come out of the blackened death metal scene. The band members themselves describe their hellride as "Supreme Death / Black Metal Art".
Formed in 1993 originally under the name Betrayer, the band became popular in the metal scene, their lyrical themes being gore, blasphemy and satanism. Their first album "The Last Supper" was released by Lethal Records, the two following albums by Last Episode (now known as "Black Attakk") which they called a "rip-off label" afterwards. After releasing their live album "Infernal Live Orgasm" on their own label Phallelujah Productions, they signed on Napalm Records, but as they said afterwards, this label didn't support them enough and they were "fed up with this respectless treatment". Now the band has signed on Nuclear Blast and released a new album, "Pestapokalypse VI" IN 2006.

Death/Black Metal

Satanism, Anti-Christian, Gore

Austria (Puch), formed in 1993

Nuclear Blast


Helmuth - Vocals, guitar (Betrayer (Aut))
Sigurd - Guitar (Betrayer (Aut))
Serpenth - Bass
Torturer (Mor Dagor) (Session)

Marius (Mario Klausner) (AKA Reverend Mausna) (+ vocals) (ex-Pungent Stench, Collapse 7, Hollenthon (Live))
Maxx (+ vocals) (Betrayer (Aut))
Barth (+ vocals)
A-X (session)
Robin Eaglestone (session) (ex-Criminal, December Moon, ex-Grimfist, ex-Cradle of Filth)

Chris (Betrayer (Aut))
Man (session drums on 'Blutsabbath' & 'Necrodeamon...') (Mastic Scum)
Nefastus (Tomasz Janiszewski) (The Exorial, Luna Field, Beast of Damnation (Ger))
Tony Laureano (Nile, Dimmu Borgir (session), Malevolent Creation (session), 1349 (session))
Robi Kovacic - Drums (session) (Scaffold (Svn), Supreme Pain)


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