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Blessed Be the Darkness

Album: ''Blessed Be the Darkness'' (1998 Demo)
1. Saatanan Varjon Synkkyydessä
2. The Flames Of The Blasphemer
3. Blessed Be The Darkness

Rituale Satanum

Album: ''Rituale Satanum'' (2000)
1. Intro / The Summoning
2. Sota Valon Jumalaa Vastaan
3. Night Of The Blasphemy
4. Christ Forever Die
5. Towards The Father
6. Saatanan Varjon Synkkyydessä
7. Baphomet's Call...
8. The Flames Of The Blasphemer
9. Blessed Be The Darkness
10. Rituale Satanum

By the Blessing of Satan

Album: ''By the Blessing of Satan'' (2004)
1. By The Blessing Of Satan
2. Fist Of The Satanist
3. Sieluni Saatanan Vihasta Roihuten
4. Celebration Of Christ's Fall
5. Black Metal Baptism
6. Watchers Of My Black Temple
7. Under The Eye Of Lord



The unattractive worm of Behexen hatched out in '94 with members Torog, Horns & Reaper. The first expression of frustrating hate "Reality is in Evil" was despaired in '95 by the ugly larva.

The worm remained but went through mutation and vomited the depression "Eternal Realm" in '97. After that worm created the dobbelganger and continued to brutalize infecting the insulting "Blessed be the Darkness" in '98, the third blasphemic desecration.

Then Reaper left the etheric fraternity, and Gargantum became the next victim for the ugly maggot and as it grew more and more hungry, Lunatic was the next sick soul soon to be devoured. "Blessed be the Darkness" brought deal from Sinister Figure and the debut illness "Rituale Satanum" was created to darken the next millenium. After this the worm started bubbling and shivering and waited 3 years for having its teeth & hunger growing...

Then the next offering joined, Veilroth, and after that the deal was made with the Finnish Woodcut Records and the desperate symphony of blasphemies "By the Blessing of Satan" was finally bred. Not so long after that it was time for larva to fart out the next stinking piece of wet shit, the split-lp with Horna.

But then it became relevant for maggot to cut out the bubbling tumour, Lunatic, in order to be able to continue more efficiently to consume the tissue and let the unholy anti-matter burst out from inside. This worm will continue spreading diseases...

Black Metal

Blasphemy, Satanism

Finland (Hämeenlinna / Tampere), formed in 1994

Hammer of Hate


Torog - Vocals (Sargeist)
Gargantum - Guitars
Reaper - Guitars (1994-1998, 2004-)
Horns - Drums (Sargeist)
Shatraug - Live session bass (Sargeist, Horna, Blutschrei)

Lunatic - Bass (Wolfthrone)
Veilroth - Guitars (Calvarium (Fin), ex-Alghazanth, ex-Funeris Nocturnum)


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