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Before Eden

Album: ''Before Eden'' (2001)
1. Prelude
2. Fallen Angel
3. Elemental Master
4. Space Labyrinth
5. Between Love and Glory Part I
6. Between Love and Glory Part II
7. Before Eden

The Legacy of Gaia

Album: ''The Legacy of Gaia'' (2005)
1. Nomad Soul
2. Wizard Of The South
3. Essence
4. I. Earth Cry
5. II. Enemy Eve
6. III. Toast of Mankind
7. IV. Nova
8. V. Tomorrow´s Gone
9. VI. Everland
10. Reality


The Before Eden was created in 1998, having in your initial line up the guitar player and founder member Alessandro Kotlinsky, the bass player Marcos Cardoso, Jaison Peixer on the vocals, Júlio César as drummer and the Juliano Scharf on keyboards. After 8 years of road, the only line up modification was the Marcos Cardoso leaving, in 2002, being substituted by the competent musician Ricardo Tomedi.

The first album came in 2001, with the same name as the band. With a completely non-mainstream production, the 7 songs of that work easily got a great repercution on specialized music sites and magazines, so the band quickly got a contract with brazilian recorder Hellion Records.

The band took part in the “Hellion collection Vol. 03” compilation; among several international names of metal music. Only three bands of the brazilian cast were included among thirty international bands of worldwide fame.

As a previous for the next full-lenght, was released in 2003 a EP, and again it was good praised by the critics. This propitious results are a direct consequence of band´s essence: a rich sonority, introducing creativity and own personality into the bases of progressive metal, bringing characteristics of music´s sorts styles and giving more emphasis to the heavies than usual, showed by riffs and powerfull guitar bases.

For being a group searching for a constant evolution, including the lyrical one, it´s released, in 2005, a new work: “Legacy of Gaia” . Recordered and produced into the own-band studio, between 2004 and 2005, with total independence and profissionalism, this album, as expected, got great praises and good repercution on national and international media. The “grades” varieties are between 8 and 10, getting maximum avaliation. Reviews stick out technic and intrumental of group, beyond the well built estructures, which all members were involved, having an important and decisive participation.

The lyricals, very revaluated, doesn´t tell about far away lands or dubius fiction stories, but it questions the human behaviour, progressively destroying natural recourses to satisfy and feed its unbeareable greediness, guiding us to lose all scruple and self respect, as long as the nearby human´s respect.

The great reception bring the concerts over the country and awesome results in “Best’s Of The Year” in brazilian magazines. Getting fourth stead on categories of “National Revelation” and “Best Brazilian Keyboard Player” on Rock Brigade. And such the position of nineth “Best National Band”, nineth “Best Keyboard Player” and eighth best brazilian album of 2005 on Roadie Crew.

Conquesting, prematurely, good results inside studio tests, positive critics about lives performances and support of public around the band´s music, the Before Eden will carry on its journey with the same punch and ability already demonstrated.

progressive metal / power metal

Brazil (Blumenau, SC), formed in 1998

Hellion Records


Jaison Peixer - Vocals
Juliano Scharf - Keyboards
Ricardo Tomedi - Bass
Alessandro Kotlinsky - Guitars
Júlio César K. Kuhlewein - Drums


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