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Album: ''Flames'' (2000 Demo)
1. When Death Is Better Than Life
2. Death Or Glory?
3. This Is War
4. Majestic Sadness
5. Death Or Glory? (Second Version)

The Infernal Wolf Is Still Hunting

Album: ''The Infernal Wolf Is Still Hunting'' (2001 Demo)
1. The Warriors Fate
2. Beatrìk
3. Ride The Beast
4. Last Dawn
5. Black Funeral (Outro)

Journey Through The End Of Life

Album: ''Journey Through The End Of Life'' (2002)
1. Buried Among Skeletal Woods
2. To Feel The End Near
3. The Charon's Embrace
4. Beatr�k
5. Last Dawn
6. Journey Through The End Of Life
7. Spell Of Destruction (Burzum cover)

Requiem of December

Album: ''Requiem of December'' (2005)
1. My Funeral To Come
2. Requiem Of December
3. Eternal Rest
4. The Last Wandering
5. Apollonia's December, 7th 1647
6. Returning After A Death



The origin of Beatrik goes back to Autumn 1998 when Frozen Glare Smara wrote the first pieces of music: these were completed and become real whole songs only one year later, thanks to the lyrical contribute by Berzerk, but it took one more for Beatrìk to finalize a recording and release their official first demo tape. In september 2000 "Flames" came out in only 50 copies. Frozen Glare Smara himself played all instruments, vocals included, only helped by a programmed drums. The music was clearly inspired by scandinavian bands, with their fast rhythms and raw sounds and the tape got a good criticism.

In the meanwhile several other songs have been composed and during the summer 2001 Beatrìk managed to record and release their second work: "The infernal wolf is still hunting" released in 99 copies. Since this second effort Beatrik music incorporated also some slower parts, kind of funereal doom metal breaks alternated to their more classic fast and raw parts.

The first remarkable event for Beatrik happened in 2002: with a definitely more professional sound compared to the previous releases and with the collaboration of Vidharr on drumms and Ferghus on bass the band recorded a master album titled "Journey Through The End Of Life": the material was so good that was released initially by Serpens Caput Productions as an LP, and later by the Swedish label THR as a CD. With this debut album the music of Beatrik went definitely slower and depressive.

In Spring 2004 Beatrik was invited by the German label Northern Silence Productions to take part of a Katatonia tribute album. In Autumn 2004 Beatrik recorded again a full length album worth material. This recording was so good and emotionally capturing that Avantgarde Music decided to offer them a record deal to release this in Spring 2005 under given title "Requiem of December".

Black/Doom Metal (now) - Black Metal (earlier)

depression, loneliness, woods, death

Italy (Imèr di Primiero (Trento)), formed in 1998

Avantgarde Music


Frozen Glare Smara: guitar, vocals (see also Atratus from Tenebrae in Perpetuum)
Vidharr: drums (Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Chelmno, Profezia, Near)

Ferghus: bass on "Journey Through The End Of Life"


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