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Album: ''Dark Fantasy'' (2000 Demo)
1. Swordmaster
2. The Legend
3. Beyond the Shadowgate
4. Raging Goblin
5. Northern Crown
6. The Green Maid
7. Dragon Magick

...Where The Shadows Lie

Album: ''...Where The Shadows Lie'' (2002)
1. Swordmaster
2. The Grey Wizard
3. Raging Goblin
4. Journey to Undying Lands
5. Shadowgate
6. Fangorn
7. The Green Maid
8. Khazad-dûm Pt.1 (Ages of Mithril)
9. Ride With the Dragons
10. Feast For the Wanderer


Album: ''Sword's Song'' (2003)
1. Sons of Riddermark
2. Sword's Song
3. The Mark of the Bear
4. Buccaneers Inn
5. Attack of the Orcs
6. Dragonslayer
7. Khazad-Dûm (Part II - Silent Caverns)
8. Horns of Gondor
9. The War of Wrath
10. Forked Height
11. Starlight Kingdom
12. The Curse of the Kings (Bonus Track)

Third Age Of The Sun

Album: ''Third Age Of The Sun'' (2005)
1. Usvainen Rhûn
2. Storm of the Blades
3. Ghân of the Woods
4. Gwaith-i-Mírdain
5. Trollshaws
6. Elves of Lúva
7. Valier - Queens of the Valar
8. Thousand Caves
9. Cloaked In Her Unlight
10. Of Orcs and Elves
11. Touch of Green and Gold
12. Pallando - Forgotten Wizards I
13. Gollum's Cry


Album: ''Evernight'' (2007)
1. House of Heroes
2. Ocean's Elysium
3. Summon the Wolves
4. We Are the Legions
5. Into the New World
6. Longing Horizon
7. Mask of Flies
8. The Cloak and the Dagger
9. Beneath the Waves



Battlelore is an epic fantasy metal band from Lappeenranta, Finland. Their style takes elements from gothic metal, power metal, death metal, and even some industrial in the mix. All of Battlelore's lyrics specifically revolve around people and events in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth.

Their albums also revolve around the series of books. From their first album to the last actually speaks of events and chapters in the books in a chronological order.

Battlelore was formed in 1999 and recorded its first demo in 2000, which got them a contract with Napalm Records.

They have have made 4 albums since then and a continuing a strong fan base behind them.

Epic/Power Metal with harsh vocals

Epic Battles, Fantasy, Tolkien

Finland (Lappeenranta), formed in 1999

Napalm Records


Tomi Mykkänen - Vocals (Evemaster, ex-Mortal God, Elephant Bell)
Kaisa Jouhki - Vocals
Jussi Rautio - Lead Guitar
Jyri Vahvanen - Guitar (ex-Horna, ex-Khert-Neter)
Timo Honkanen - Bass (Elderthrones, Grey Inside)
Henri Vahvanen - Drums (Grey Inside)
Maria - Keyboard, Flute (Elderthrones)

Gorthaur - Drums (1999) (ex-Horna, ex-Khert-Neter)
Tommi Havo - Vocals, Lead Guitar (1999-2002) (Deep Red (Fin), ex-Elderthrones, Khert-Neter, ex-Morbid Savouring)
Patrik Mennander - Vocals (1999-2004) (Natsipaska, Ruoska)
Miika Kokkola - Bass (1999-2005)


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