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Album: ''Battered'' (2006)
1. Oblivion Awaits
2. New Lament
3. Demagog
4. Not One
5. The Dig
6. Industrial Killing
7. Perfect Illusion
8. Parasight
9. The Flagellant
10. Derelict



Battered rose as a thrash metal onslaught from the demise of viking metal pioneers Einherjer. Formed in 2004 by Gerhard Storesund (drums), Frode Glesnes (guitar) and Aksel Herløe (guitar). The line up was completed by Ole Moldesæther (bass) and Siggy Olaisen (vocals), both brothers in arms from the underground act Headblock.

With its members musical interests spreading from grindcore, to symphonic metal, through alternative and black metal, the band members decided to focus on where it all had begun for them: with in-your-face thrash metal! Music stripped down to its most basic and brutal form. Battered has shattered all links to its members former associations, and are instead focusing on making innovative music fueled by aggression. Instead of leaning on the visuals of corpse paint, chain mail, and lyrical connections to the occult, Battered lets the music speak for itself. Confident that the raw power, and the live expression of it, needs no further visual hor'deuvres.

The band signed with Norwegian Tabu Recordings shortly after the recording of their self titled debut album, and both parts look forward to getting the material out to you, on disc, on stage and in your face where it belongs!

The bands inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources, from Slayer, Kreator, Pantera, and Slipknot, to the more hardcore/punk side of JR Ewing and Refused and everything between. The lyrics are honest and direct, revolving around the everyday struggles, hardships and questions we all face, as well as the urge to overcome them and be all that we can be. Battered is not about depression and defeat, but the drive that makes you rise above it! Battered, bruised, but stronger than ever!

Thrash metal

Mankind, Society, Rebellion

Norway (Haugesund), formed in 2004

Tabu Recordings


Sigurd Olaisen - Lead Vocals (Headblock)
Frode Glesnes - Guitar & Vocals (ex-Einherjer, ex-Beelzebub)
Aksel Herløe - Guitar (ex-Einherjer)
Gerhard Storesund - Drums (ex-Einherjer, ex-Beelzebub)
Ole Moldesæther - Bass (Headblock)


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