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Volki Severa

Album: ''Volki Severa'' (2002)
1. Smert' Lodbroka
2. Ragnarok
3. Otec Pobed
4. Bitva Pri Klontarfe
5. Yarost' Normannov
6. Proricanie Velvi

Pure Barbaric

Album: ''Pure Barbaric'' (2006 Demo)
1. Shadow of My Raven Wings
2. Light's Demise
3. In a Thunder of Ancient Glory
4. Pure Barbaric


Formed in November 1997 in a small town in eastern Ukraine as a side project of Thorgeir Berserk - vocal/bass/guitar (Eternal Mourning) and Svart - guitars (Dip in Feel) to play fast but melodious black metal. In late 1998 BALFOR recruited Hvedrung (guitars) and Holmgang (drums) in their main formations for recording first demo “Drevnost’, Gordost’, Proklyatie” containing four tracks: “Bitva Pri Klontarfe”, “Ludi Sval’be Fiorda”, “Grom” and ENSLAVED cover “Fenris”. Unfortunately this demo wasn’t released because of very low recording quality.
Due to the pressure of work in “DIP IN FEEL” Svart and Holmgang could proceed to repetitions only after a year and BALFOR played a few gigs in the second half of 2000. It improved the horde’s position in Ukrainian underground but because of inner discordes Hvedrung leaved the band. In February 2001 Holmgang decided to concentrate on his main project and also leaved. Then Thorgeir Berserk and Svart turned to composing songs for the first album. Having composed enough material they completed their stuff with Ragnwild (guitars) and Muspell (drums).Up to the end of 2001 all songs were ready and BALFOR entered the StormWaves Studio. But Muspell decided to leave and the band made use of services of session drummer Alex “Silver” (Mental Demise). So up to March 2002 the first LP “Volki Severa” was recorded including six tracks: “Smert’ Lodbroka”, “Ragnarok”, Otec Pobed, Bitva Pri Klontarfe, Jarost’ Nomannov and Proricanie Vel’vi. In a few months it was released as a limited edition by local label Thunderclaps Records. In September Svart leaved to the other side of country and Thorgeir B. concentrated on his main project.
Only three years later inspired by flattering reviews about the LP “Volki Severa” Th.B. leaved his previous band and decides to revive BALFOR. In November 2005 Erland (drums) and Berowar (bass) joined him. That month was also marked by the re-release of the first album by E.O.L.P. Prods. After that in December 2005 the horde featured in Sumy Rock Festival as the headliner. After that the horde started playing lots of gigs and preparing new material. In April 2006 BALFOR featured as a co-headliner with TESSARACT and IDOL in Dragon Festival.
In May 2006 entered the Beasts Studio where the new promo - material “Pure Barbaric” including 4 tracks “Shadow of My Raven Wings”, “Light’s Demise”, “In a Thunder of Ancient Glory” and “Pure Barbaric” was recorded in four days. In June the horde participated in Armageddon Metal Fest with “HIERONYMUS BOSCH” and “REST IN PAIN” and in July played like the head-liner on Pagan Fest. After that BALFOR accepted the invitation from the biggest Ukrainian open air metal festival “Metal Heads Mission” where in August 2006 the horde played during the last day with TIAMAT, HOLY MOSES, DEFORMED, SICKBAG, MENTAL DEMISE and DEAD INFECTION. Than BALFOR concentrated on preparing of the new LP. In October 2006 the horde took part in the Metal Apocalypse Extreme Fest with MUCOPUS, DATURA and ANAL NOSOROG.

Thorgeir Berserk – vocals/guitars
Berowar – bass
Erland – drums

Black Metal

Ukraine (Antracyt, Lugans), formed in 1997

Eclipse Of Live Promulgation


Thorgeir Berserk - guitar, bass, vocals
Berowar - bass
Erland - drums (Metal Invasion, Grind Generation)
Sweir - guitar

Svart - guitar, vocals
Ragnwild - guitar
Muspell - drums (Sacrament (Ukr), Vault)
Volfgust - guitar
Hvedrung - guitar, vocals
Holmgang - drums (Eternal Mourning, Grader)
Siggurd - drums
Silver - session drums (Mental Demise, Sacrament (Ukr), Brilliant Coldness, Disorder Defection, Cataleptic)


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