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Kingdom of the Night

Album: ''Kingdom of the Night'' (1989)
1. Living in a world
2. Kingdom of the night
3. Never say never
4. Fire and ice
5. Young souls
6. For a song
7. Love is like an ocean
8. The moon
9. Tears of the Trees
10. Just one night
11. Kings made of steel
12. Kingdom of the night - accoustic version (CD Bonus Track)

Living in a World

Album: ''Living in a World'' (1989 Single)
1. Living In A World
2. Young Souls


Album: ''II'' (1990)
1. The World Is Looking In Their Eyes
2. Save Me
3. Touch the Rainbow
4. Rolling Like Thunder
5. Hold You
6. Ships Are Sailing
7. Little Look Back
8. Face To Face
9. Get Down
10. Gimme Back the Paradise
11. Hold You (acoustic version)

Access all Areas

Album: ''Access all Areas'' (1991 Live album)
1. Kingdom of the night
2. Trash in tibet (instrumental)
3. Little look back
4. Touch the rainbow
5. Face to face
6. Tears of the trees
7. Ships are sailing
8. Living in a world
9. Save me
10. Fire and ice
11. Back to the wall

The Big Thrill

Album: ''The Big Thrill'' (1993)
1. Better World - Livin' In The Dark
2. Against A Brick Wall
3. Stay Don't Leave Me
4. Little War
5. No Advice
6. Love Doesn't Know Any Distance
7. Heaven's Seventh Train
8. Brother Moon
9. Waterdrop
10. The Wolf
11. Road To Never Neverland

Profile-The Best of Axxis

Album: ''Profile-The Best of Axxis'' (1994 Best of/Compilation)
1. Kingdom Of The Night
2. Never Say Never
3. Tears Of The Trees
4. Living In A World
5. Little Look Back
6. Touch The Rainbow
7. Hold You
8. Heavensís 7th Train
9. Brother Moon
10. Waterdrop
11. The Wolf
12. Stay Donít Leave Me
13. Trash In Tibet
14. Little Look Back (Live)
15. Touch The Rainbow (Live)
16. Face To Face (Live)
17. Road To Never Neverland

Matters of Survival

Album: ''Matters of Survival'' (1995)
1. Ecstasy
2. Idolator
3. C'est La Vie
4. On My Own
5. Just a Story
6. All My Life
7. Freedom Comes
8. Another Day
9. Fan the Flames
10. Watch Out
11. Hide Away
12. Back In My Bones

Another Day

Album: ''Another Day'' (1995 Single)
1. Another Day [Special Acoustic Version]
2. Touch The Rainbow [Special Acoustic Version]
3. C'Est La Vie [Special Acoustic Version]
4. Another Day [Album Version]

Voodoo vibes

Album: ''Voodoo vibes'' (1997)
1. Helena
2. Voodoo vibes
3. Fly away
4. Sarajevo
5. Desert song
6. A little mercy
7. World of mystery
8. Allright
9. Love and pain
10. A life for a life
11. Spider
12. The show is over


Album: ''Sarajevo'' (1998 Single)
1. Sarajevo (original version)
2. C'est la vie (acoustic - tango - version)
3. Fire and Ice (Acoustic Version)
4. Sarajevo (Radio Edition)

Back to the Kingdom

Album: ''Back to the Kingdom'' (2000)
1. Shadowman
2. Like A Sphinx
3. Flashback Radio
4. Heaven In Black
5. Only God Knows
6. Sea of Love
7. White Lights
8. Why Not ?!
9. My Little Princess
10. Without You
11. Ice On Fire
12. Na, na, hey, hey, Kiss Him Goodbye
13. Be A King

Eyes of Darkness

Album: ''Eyes of Darkness'' (2001)
1. Eyes Of Darkness
2. Wonderland
3. The Four Horsemen
4. Brandnew World
5. When The Sun Goes Down
6. Shadow Of The Light
7. Keep Flying
8. Battlefield Of Life
9. One Million Faces
10. At The Crack Of Dawn
11. Angel
12. Larger Than Life
13. Lost In Love (bonus track)
14. Shadowman (video)
15. Rockmine (game)

Collection of Power

Album: ''Collection of Power'' (2001 Best of/Compilation)
1. Shadowman (live)
2. Flashback Radio (live)
3. Little War (live)
4. Kings Made of Steel (live)
5. Julia (acoustic)
6. Heaven In Black (acoustic)
7. Moonlight (old demo version)

Time Machine

Album: ''Time Machine'' (2004)
1. Mystery of Time
2. Angel of Death
3. Time Machine
4. Wind in the Night (Shalom)
5. Lost in the Darkness
6. The Demons Are Calling
7. Wings of Freedom
8. Dance in the Starlight
9. Battle of Power
10. Alive
11. Gimme Your Blood
12. Don't Drag Me Down
13. Circus of Love (bonus track)
14. River of Love (bonus track)



Axxis is a German band which has been founded in 1988.

Members of the band are:
Bernhard Weiß - vocals,
Harry Oellers - keys,
Guido Wehmeyer - guitar,
Rob Schomaker - bass,
Andrè Hilgers - drums,

The official site:

History (english):

Traditional / Melodic Metal

Everyday Life, Fantasy

Germany (Dortmund/North Rhine-Westphalia), formed in 1988

AFM Records


Bernhard Weiss - Vocals, Guitars (1988-present)
Harry Oellers - Keyboards (1990-present)
Kuno Niemeyer - Bass (1998-present)
Rob Schomaker - Bass (live only) (Trinity (Ger), Cyberya) 2003-present)
André Hilgers - Drums (ex-Noisehunter, Nuclear Blast Allstars, Empire (Ger), Asmodina, ex-Mendacious Messiah, ex-Ninja (Ger), The Sygnet, ex-Vanize, Razorback, Silent Force, Rage (Ger)) (2003-present)
Marco Wriedt - Guitars (2007 - present)

Walter Pietsch - Guitars (1988-1998)
Werner Kleinhaus - Bass (1988-1993)
Markus Gfeller - Bass (1993-1998)
Richard Michaelski - Drums (1988-2004)
Guido Wehmeyer - Guitars (1999-2006)


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