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Album: ''Promo 2001'' (2001 Demo)
1. Confess Thy Sins
2. King of Tragedy
3. The Cross We Bear

Perpetual Twilight

Album: ''Perpetual Twilight'' (2002)
1. All I Could Ever Be
2. The Cross We Bear
3. King of Tragedy
4. Scars
5. Enchantment
6. New Revelations
7. Secrets Revealed
8. Confess Thy Sins
9. Evil Glorified (bonus track)
10. Perpetual Twilight

Far From Heaven

Album: ''Far From Heaven'' (2003)
1. The Descending (Intro)
2. Infernal Angel
3. Blind Leading the Blind
4. Don't Hide Your Eyes
5. Far From Heaven
6. Abandoned
7. Children Forlorn
8. Death Denied
9. Blackout
10. Northern Sky

The Inquisition

Album: ''The Inquisition'' (2005)
1. The Fallen One
2. Under Black Wings
3. Salvation
4. Inside Your Mind
5. Daydreamer
6. Drifting
7. The Burning
8. Run or Hide
9. The Sands of Time
10. Imaginary World *

The Final Requiem

Album: ''The Final Requiem'' (2006)
1. Final Requiem
2. Condemnation
3. The Divine
4. Edge of the World
5. Thirteen
6. The Hide
7. Underworld
8. Spirit
9. Pagan Ritual
10. Seeds of Evil
11. End of the Line
12. Beyond the Lies



AXENSTAR was formed by Peter Johansson (guitar) and Magnus Ek (bass) as a Metal-cover band 1998 under the name Powerage, after several member changes the line up that took the name Axenstar in 2001 was Magnus Eriksson (Vocals & Keyboards), Thomas Eriksson (Lead & Rhythm Guitar), Peter Johansson (Rhythm & Lead Guitar), Magnus Ek (Bass) and Pontus Jansson (Drums).

In October 2002 Axenstar released their debut album Perpetual Twilight on the Spanish label Arise Records. The album got really good reviews all over the world and Axenstar got the chance to play at Motala Metal Festival, the biggest gig so far in their career.

The second album Far From Heaven was recorded during May of 2003 and just about a week after the recordings were done Axenstar played at the mighty Sweden Rock Festival, which was a great experience for the band. In January 2004 the opportunity was given to go ahead on their first European Tour as the opening act to Falconer, unfortunately Magnus Ek was unable to go on the tour and Joakim Jonsson (Skyfire, The mist of avalon)was found to be the stand-in bassplayer on the tour, which turned out great.

The third album The Inquisition saw the light of day in 2005, but during this time and the time after the release there were some problems within the band and in late summer 2005 guitarists Peter Johansson and Thomas Eriksson left the band, not because of disagreements or anything like that but just personal reasons.

After that third release the contract with Arise Records was over and Axenstar started looking for a new deal, now joining forces with Joakim Jonsson on lead guitar. In the autumn of 2005 a new deal was signed with German label Massacre Records and in the spring of 2006 the fourth album The Final Requiem was recorded as usual in Studio Underground.

After the release of the fourth album there were more changes to come within the band and
bassplayer Magnus Ek and drummer Pontus Jansson soon left the band due to lack of time.

But already within a few months after the setback the two remaining members Magnus Winterwild and Joakim Jonsson found a new drummer by the name of Thomas Ohlsson.
The search for a bassplayer started and Thomas contacted Henrik Sedell with whom Thomas
had played together with previously.
The chemistry with the two new members was great and everything is going well
on both a personal and professional level.

Now the main goal for Axenstar is to get out on the roads and play as many gigs as possible.

Power Metal

Sweden (Västerås), formed in 1998

Massacre Records


Magnus Eriksson - Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joakim Jonsson - Guitars (Skyfire, The Mist of Avalon)
Henrik Sedell - Bass
Thomas Ohlsson - Drums

Mr. Eddie - Vocals (1998-1999)
Johan Burman - Drums (1998-1999)
Magnus Söderman - Guitars (1998-1999) (Rosicrucian, Slapdash, Inrage (Swe))
Thomas Eriksson - Guitar (1999-2005)
Peppe Johansson - Guitar (1998- 2005)
Magnus Ek - Bass (... - 2006)
Pontus Jansson - Drums (... - 2006) (ex-Miscreant (Swe))


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