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Growing Forbidden

Album: ''Growing Forbidden'' (1999 Demo)
1. Sounds of Our Rotting
2. In Our Forest of Burning
3. Growing Forbidden
4. Night Hymn
5. Our Dying Wisdoms
6. Tragedy at Horizon

The Past

Album: ''The Past'' (2000 Demo)
1. I Remember the Past of Dead Future


Album: ''Blackshine'' (2003 Demo)
1. Hopelessness Tears (Introduction)
2. Endless Memories
3. Blackshine, Part 1
4. In the Corner of This Time
5. Abyssic Imperial
6. Solitude and Dark
7. Blackshine, Part 2
8. No One Knows My Grave
9. In the Destination of Lord Blackshine
10. Blackshine, Part 3

Tribute To 7 Years Of Mourn

Album: ''Tribute To 7 Years Of Mourn'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. In Our Forest of Burning
2. Vaady e Fanaa
3. Obscurantism
4. Agoraphobic
5. Eternal Blackness
6. Burial of a Torn
7. Funeral
8. A Torn Fate
9. The End of
10. Solitude and Dark
11. Fading in Dark Aeriform
12. Dead Brain of Nature
13. Last Moments of My Life
14. Wishless Death

Astonished Akhsheij

Album: ''Astonished Akhsheij's Pentapetalous Natures'' (2005 Demo)
1. Akhsheijan (Intro)
2. Migration into the Abyss
3. History, Cyrus, Human
4. Avinar, Satan, God
5. Astonished (Outro)

Wishless Death

Album: ''Wishless Death'' (2005 Demo)
1. Wishless Death
2. Last Moments of My Life

Whispers Of Insanity

Album: ''Whispers Of Insanity'' (2005 Split album)
1. Dawn of the Darkness (Intro)
2. Once Emperor
3. A Torned Fate
4. Transilvanian Hunger
5. True Silent Dying
6. Throatless Sob (Outro)
7. Dawn of the Dark Rain *



Avinar is mournful black metal one-man band. formed in 1999 by Hamid "Avinar" M. A. in Iran (south of Tehran). Avinar means "The Dead Love's Fire", an ancient persian word in the immemorial history of Persia (Iran). In Iran's 1999, black metal was hidden art and unknown for all Iranians except almost 100 men. But black hearts are everywhere you think. Black metal rised again from abyssic darks of Iran. That was very hard to create black metal for Avinar; The reasons are just fucking position and also he had only 16 years old in those days. In 1998, Avinar purchased a CD (multimedia softwares) for listening music in his PC, also he liked to play his rhythms that he had in his head. The CD had composition softwares, and Avinar started his activities with himself, softwares, keyboard and guitar with any professor. After some months "Growing Forbidden" recorded as first demo also maybe first Iranian black metal demo. Very elementary, romantic, meaningful and philosophic with obscure management. "Aphotic Mentality", second demo, with higher contrast than first demo, like a pure black metal with post style. Lowest possibility, but meaningful too. After "Aphotic Mentality" in the spring 2000, Avinar recorded a long song to showing audial essence of the black metal music that he knew; Something like "Abruptum" new creations. But Avinar never heard "Abruptum" songs before. and this resemblance means the vastitude of the black metal's ideologies. That long song created Avinar's first bootleg (demo) album and that song named "I Remember The Past Of Dead Future"; the bootleg album name is "The Past". "The Past" was the start point to creating atmospheric and ecstasy feelings in Avinar's future. So the last demo recorded in 2001, titled "... And My Lost Wisdom", darkwave songs and meaningful c! over illustrations. In that year Avinar started to trying for projecting his arts in the best formats (record, mix, play, design, ... etc). For compose, record and mix the music, he used to softwares like "Melody and Harmony Assistant", "Final", "Encore", "Darkwave Studio", "Sound Forge", "Magix Music Studio", "Wave Lab", "Gold Wave", "Cool Edit", ... etc. And for desing photos, websites and albums covers, he used to softwares like "Adobe Photoshop", "Corel Draw", "Font Creator", "Macromedia Fontographer and Dreamweaver", "Front Page", "Dr. Desing". After three demos and a bootleg demo he recorded and mixed his first promotion album, "Agoraphobia". The first step to programming mournful black metal, with sad feelings of anti-religion darkness in the reflections of Avinar's nocturnal secrecy poetries. "Bey.Ma Funeral", the perfect promotion album with misanthropic management. But this demos, promos and bootlegs never released with any company (label). And Avinar's meaningful ! black arts engraved in the abyssic darks of the hidden cemeteries, because here is Iran. Avinar's second bootleg album (full legnth), recorded and mixed after "Bey.Ma Funeral" and it's titled "Blackshine"... "Blackshine" has not black metal elements in it's music. All songs are instrumental (without vocals), without guitars and also with soft sounds of drums. Completely "Blackshine" was the end of Avinar's practices for creating pure mournful black metal. Now, Avinar's material problems makes the status of this project as On Hold. Avinar will write many lyrics for future albums.

Melodic Black Metal

Darkness, Avinarism...

Iran (Tehran), formed in 1999



Hamid ``Avinar`` M.A. - All instruments & vocals (also in Shab, 1000 Funerals, Emerna)


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