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La llama eterna

Album: ''La llama eterna'' (1997)
1. La Llama Eterna
2. El Mundo Perdido
3. El Despertar
4. Vicio Letal
5. Esclavo de la Ira
6. Avalon, la Morada Del Rey
7. Excalibur
8. Sigue Así
9. Rainbow Warrior
10. Juego Cruel
11. La Taberna
12. Avalanch
13. El Cierre de la Taberna

Eternal Flame

Album: ''Eternal Flame'' (1998)
1. Eternal flame
2. Lost world
3. Awake
4. Lethal vice
5. Slave of the anger
6. Avalon, The King's abode
7. Excalibur
8. Falling
9. Rainbow Warrior
10. Cruel game
11. The tavern
12. Avalanch
13. Closing of the tavern

Llanto de un héroe

Album: ''Llanto de un héroe'' (1999)
1. Intro
2. Torquemada
3. Por mi libertad
4. Pelayo
5. Vientos del sur
6. Polvo, sudor y sangre
7. Cid
8. ¿Dias de gloria...?
9. No pidas que crea en ti
10. Cambaral
11. Aquí estaré
12. Llanto de un héroe

Dias de gloria

Album: ''Dias de gloria'' (2000 Live album)
1. Intro
2. Torquemada
3. Por mi libertad
4. El despertar
5. Vicio letal
6. Vientos del sur
7. Excalibur
8. Pelayo
9. I want out (Helloween cover)
10. Epílogo
11. Save me (Queen cover) (Bonus)

Save me

Album: ''Save me'' (2000 Single)
1. Save me (Queen Cover)
2. Vicio letal
3. Vientos del sur

El angel caido

Album: ''El angel caido'' (2001)
1. Hacia la luz
2. Tierra de nadie
3. El angel caido
4. Xana
5. La buena nueva
6. Levantate y anda
7. Alma en pena
8. Corazon negro
9. Delirios de grandeza
10. Antojo de un dios
11. El septimo dia
12. Las ruinas del eden: acto 1
13. Las ruinas del eden: acto 2
14. Las ruinas del eden: acto 3
15. Santa bárbara

Delirios de grandeza

Album: ''Delirios de grandeza'' (2001 Single)
1. Delirios de grandeza

Los Poetas Han Muerto

Album: ''Los Poetas Han Muerto'' (2003)
1. Lucero
2. Cien Veces
3. Niño
4. Jamás
5. Alborada
6. El Viejo Torreón
7. Del Cielo a la Tierra
8. Los Poetas Han Muerto
9. Madre Tierra
10. Ecos de Vida

Las Ruinas del Eden

Album: ''Las Ruinas del Eden'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Juego Cruel
2. Delirios de Grandeza
3. Xana
4. Lucero
5. Vientos del Sur
6. El Ángel Caído
7. El Viejo Torreón
8. Corazón Negro
9. Pelayo
10. Levántate y Anda
11. Cambaral
12. Antojo de un Dios
13. Las Ruinas del Eden

El Hijo Pródigo

Album: ''El Hijo Pródigo'' (2005)
1. Alas de Cristal
2. Semilla de Rencor
3. Aún Respiro
4. La Cara Oculta de la Luna
5. Tu Fuego en Mí
6. Papel Roto
7. Mar de Lágrimas
8. Un Paso Más
9. Lágrimas Negras
10. El Hijo Pródigo

Mother Earth

Album: ''Mother Earth'' (2005)
1. Lucero
2. One Hundred Times
3. Come To My Arms
4. No More Damage
5. Dawn
6. Old Fortress
7. Heaven And Earth
8. Just One More Song
9. Mother Earth
10. Echoes Of A Life
11. Where The Streets Have No Name (U2 Cover)

Un paso más (Grandes Éxitos)

Album: ''Un paso más (Grandes Éxitos)'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. Agora non
2. Alas de cristal
3. Niño
4. Antojo de un dios
5. Delirios de grandeza (acoustic)
6. Mar de lágrimas
7. Xana
8. Juego cruel
9. Lucero
10. Cambaral (acoustic)
11. No more damage
12. Where the streets have no name (U2 Cover)
13. El príncipe feliz

Lagrimas Negras

Album: ''Lagrimas Negras'' (2006 DVD)
1. aun respiro
2. el angel caido
3. xana
4. la cara oculta de la luna
5. niño
6. papel roto
7. alas de cristal
8. delirios de grandeza
9. semilla de rencor
10. lagrimas negras



Avalanch is a Spanish heavy/power metal band formed in Asturias formed in 1993.

Led by composer, producer and guitar player Alberto Rionda, the band has released 5 studio albums, plus a handful of compilations, DVDs and English versions of their works. They are currently working on their next studio album, due sometime in 2007.

The Asturian band Avalanch takes to one long trajectory combining heavy metal of its beginnings with a more modern rock of doubtless metallic influence in the present, incorporating to its music elements of hard rock, pop and folk. Their discs are published in several European and American countries, and habitually make tours by outside Spain, mainly by Latin America. In 1993, a scale model long play in called vinyl format is published Ready To The Glory, with a totally different formation. That same year is gotten up to the band Alberto Rionda, that from that moment assumes the workings of composer and main guitarist and producing musical comedy of Avalanch. Fruit of this work, in 1997 sends their first professional disc, La llama eterna (eternal flame), recorded in Búnker Studies, study of Inn of Llanera (Asturias) that later would end up directing Alberto Rionda. With this disc, Avalanch causes a great impact in the Spanish scene heavy metal. It would not take in appearing the version in English of the disc, Eternal Flame, and in some countries as Italy or Japan were published editions of that English and Spanish work in.

Half-full the tour of this disc, Avalanch decides to do without its vocalist (Juan Lozano) and contacts with Victor Garcia (singer) so that one to them, beginning in Barcelona. It is then when Weeping of a hero enters the study to record El Llanto de un Heroe, a disc in which power metal was the predominant note, and that rotated to them by all Spain. From that tour arose [album artist=Avalanch]Días de Gloria, a direct one that showed the moment that lived the band, and included a version in study of Queen, "Save Me", who was published like single. In 2001 the sold disc of the band is published more to date, [album artist=Avalanch]El Ángel Caído, a disc that turns about Biblical, with one more a épica and evocative ambientación. Finalized the tour of presentation, the battery Alberto Ardines and the Víctor singer Garci'a ] leaves the group to form WarCry. Ramon Lage, Ex-Paco Jones, (that already had participated with the band doing choirs in previous albums) take the witness to the voices, and the battery would be Frame Alvarez, coming from Stormy Mondays and previously the Distillery. Also in this disc it collaborates Leo Jiménez, vocalist of Stravaganzza and Ex-Saratoga. They make an European tour in 2002 and are the only Spanish group in touching in the Wacken Open Air of that year, celebrated in Germany.

Once in Spain, more changes in the band. The tecladist White Iván and the guitarist Robert Garcia leave the formation and are replaced by the guitarist Dany Leon (of long trajectory in bands like the Distillery, Faith of Rats and many others) and the tecladist Junquera Robert (originating of the Asturian scene folk); giving rise to the present formation of Avalanch.

In 2003, Avalanch publishes its room disc of study, Los poetas han muerto, where they let along the epic and fast sound to make a more personal rock, than it incorporates influences not strictly from metal.

Power Metal / Progressive Melodic Metal

Epic, Legends, Religion, Personal Issues

Spain (Asturias), formed in 1988

Xana Records


Ramón Lage - vocals (ex- Arkaes, ex- PacoJones Band, also in Stunned Parrots)
Alberto Rionda - guitar (also in Stunned Parrots, Asgaya)
Daniel León - guitar (ex - Fe de Ratas, ex- La destilería)
Francisco Fidalgo - bass
Marco Álvarez - drums (ex- La destilería, ex- Stormy Mondays)
Roberto Junquera - Keyboards (also in Asgaya, Adgar)

Víctor García - vocals (1994-1995, 1998-2002) (ex-Brecha, Mägo de Oz (Guest), ex-Warcry (Esp))
Alberto Ardines - drums (1988-2002) Warcry (Esp))
Roberto García - guitar (1996-2002) (Warcry (Esp))
Charly García - bass
Javier de Castro - guitars
Juan Ángel Aláez - guitars
Juan Lozano - vocals (Brecha, ex-Edén (Esp))
Iván Blanco - keyboards
Fernando Mon - keyboards (1994-1996) (Warcry)


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