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Album: ''The Druid Autumn'' (1995 Demo)
1. The Druid Autumn
2. Whispering Your Name...
3. Bottomless...

And We Are Falling Leaves...

Album: ''And We Are Falling Leaves...'' (1997)
1. The End of Last Summer (Intro)
2. The Druid Autumn
3. Whispering Your Name...
4. Fallman
5. Gods
6. The Sons of Ocean
7. The Dance in Blood
8. Bottomless...
9. Shine on Me

Chernye Krylia

Album: ''Chernye Krylia'' (2000)
1. Aurora Postera
2. Radi Etih Glaz... (For the Sake of These Eyes...)
3. The Conqueror of My Heart
4. Golodnoye Serdze (Hungry Heart)
5. Chernye Krylia (Black Wings)
6. A Hymn to Mad Ones

Osen Vechna

Album: ''Osen Vechna'' (2003)
1. Epitaph
2. Osen Vechna (Autumn Is Eternal)
3. Angely (The Angels)
4. Demon, Rvushiysia V Nebo (Daemon, Starving for the Sun...)
5. Zaklinanie (Incantation)
6. Kogda Nashi Glaza Byli Chistymi... (When Our Eyes Were Clear...)
7. Otchayanie (The Despair)


There are many artists by that name.

- a symphonic metal band from The Netherlands (
- a gothic rock band from US (
- a doom metal band from Russia (
- a drumandbass project from US.
- A Rock / Indie band from Southern England.
- A doom metal band from Hungary.
- A now defunct early to mid 90s hardcore band from Philadelphia (USA)

1) This band has a quite different sound than other symphonic metal bands, because of their lead singer, Nienke de Jong. Her voice is much lower than common in this genre.

Autumn started in 1995, but released their first real album in 2002, When Lust Evokes the Curse. In 2004 Summer's End was released. Autumn is quite unknown, but did profit from Within Temptation's success, as they were their support act in The Silent Force Tour.
In 2007 they've released their third album: My New Time. It's less metal and more rock than their previous albums, but according to Nienke at their CD presentation at the third of may in de Melkweg (Amsterdam), My New Time is a lot more personal than When Lust Evokes the Curse and Summer's End. The first two albums were mostly based upon stories and myths, and their last album is based upon personal feelings and experiences.

The current bandmembers of Autumn are:

Vocals: Nienke de Jong
Guitar & Backing Vocals: Jens van der Valk
Guitars & Grunts/Screams: Mats van der Valk
Bass: Jerome Vrielink
Keyboards: Jan Munnik
Drums: Jan Grijpstra


2) A goth rock band from Minnesota with heavy influence from death rock bands such as Christian Death with the soaring and dramatic yet often sinister vocals of Julie Plante and driving guitar and drum beats typical of this style of music, although they also have some slower, more ethereal songs. They are quite similar to This Ascension, although Autumn have a sllightly heavier death rock influence.

The Hating Tree 1996
Return To The Breath 2000

Julie Plante-vocals, piano
Neil McKay-guitar, programming
Jeff Leyda-bass, cello


3) As said in bandlist, russian doom band Autumn is "Atmospheric Death/Doom in the vein of early Anathema, but different. The vocals sound somewhat like those of Moonspell and the band also uses a viola (not to be mistaken with a violin). The band's music shifts between more mid-tempo and slower songs. Overall the music breathes a very warm and sad romantic atmosphere. On their later albums the lyrics are in Russian. Melancholic Death/Doom that will appeal to the more romantic Doomsters."

Russian Autumn started in in 1993. First demo 'The Druid Autumn' was released in 1995. The next was first full album And We Are the Fallen Leaves (1997). At this time all lirics was on english. In 2000 band self-released Chernye Krylia ('Black Wings' in russian). All lyrics except one song on this album was on native lanquage. Last album Osen Vechna ('Autumn is eternal' in russian) was released in 2003 by Stygian Crypt Productions and all lyrics was russian at this time. After that group was disbanded.
In next years Stygian Crypt Productions re-released all Autumn albums.


There is also a hardcore band by the way of Pennsylvania, USA also called Autumn who were around in the early/ mid '90s. If memory serves right, they released two 7" EPs, a CDEP released off by a subsidiary division of Revelation Records and were on a few compilation albums. Prior to becoming Autumn, they were named forethought who also released a 7". Without question they were early pioneers of what's known today as 'screamo' due to the vocaling style. Musically, the style wasn't as 'emo' as it was more melodic hardcore.


...and then there's a progressive rock band called Autumn.


There was also a now defunct Rock / Indie band from southern England called Autumn who released an E.P called Bearskins in 1999. Featuring Mathew Snelling on vocals and guitar.


Autumn is also the name of a Hungarian doom metal band formed in 2000. They have released one full-lenght album so far (On The Verge Of Existence), and the next one will be released soon.


There's also another band (?!) with that name. They released one 7'' called "Synthesize" that includes 2 songs, "synthesize" and "the third autumn". Their sound is quite '80s. Theis music could be described as new wave or minimal

Gothic/Doom Metal

Autumn, Nature, Sorrow, Emotions

Russia (Ekaterinburg), formed in 1993

Stygian Crypt Production


Yuri ``Rottor``- guitars, vocals(Russian Winter (Rus), ex-Thy Repentance)
Ludmila Emeliashina - viola
Sergey Berdyshev - drums
Felix Vigorov - bass (Arcanar)
Roman Il'in - guitars (Arcanar)

Svetlana Polezhaeva ``Slaviana`` - keyboards, female vocals
Sergey ``Voron`` Kunavin - guitars (Fullmoon Rise)
Marina Kogan - female vocals
Grigory Shubin - guitars
Arseny Semenihin - keyboards


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