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Album: ''Mesmerised'' (1997)
1. Intro
2. Steeped In Misery As I Am
3. Wave
4. The Ocean
5. A Minds Escape
6. Flower Meadow
7. The Air Shed Tears
8. Hinc Allae La Crimae


Album: ''Contentum'' (2000)
1. Sultry
2. Unsummoned
3. Lizard Dance
4. Panta Rei / Gather In Me No More
5. Ignoramus
6. Letters To Earth
7. Serenity
8. Homage
9. What Crawls Underneath
10. Torture
11. Outro


Album: ''Terrestrials'' (2002)
1. Lay
2. Ruin
3. Mare's Nest
4. Nine Wishes
5. Human Inventions
6. Mental Nomads
7. Changeling
8. The Beldam Of The Bedlam
9. Translunaria
10. Look Further


Album: ''Orgasm'' (2003)
1. Methods of Survival
2. Flesh City
3. Heartquake
4. Burning Bridges
5. This Vigil
6. Tentacles
7. Second Hand Trauma
8. Prè Sense



There are (at least) seven bands sharing the name Atrox.
1. An avantgarde/progressive metal band from Norway
2. A hardcore band from Germany
3. A death metal band from Germany
4. A hardcore band from Italy
5. A black metal band from France
6. A thrash metal band from Colombia
7. A speed metal band from Sweden

1. Atrox (Nor / avantgarde metal)
Atrox is a Progressive Metal band from Trondheim in Norway. The band started out in 1988 under the name Suffocation but this was changed to Atrox in 1990. During the first 8 years of the band's existence Atrox did several gigs (with bands like Equinox, Edge of Sanity, Conception, Witchhammer, Godsend etc), recorded some demos (Darkness, Mind Shadow, Dead Leaves, the Granskogen recordings) that received good reviews and went through some line-up changes.

In 1996 Atrox signed two record deals with the record labels Danza Ipnotica and Head Not Found. A 7" entitled "Silence the Echoes" was released on Danza Ipnotica the same year and the debut album “Mesmerised” on Head Not Found in 1997. Both releases giving Atrox great feedback. The music that Atrox made in this era was Epic / Death / Doom Metal.

In 1998 Atrox signed a new record deal with Season of Mist and went through some line-up changes again. The band started to make more melodic and experimental/progressive/avant-garde metal and the result of this came out in the "Contentum" album that was released in 1999. This album was a milestone for Atrox; finally they got to show what they were going for. The material was new, the music was new, the setting was new, lots of crazy energy! After this Atrox did some gigs before they started working on their next album.

"Terrestrials" was Atrox's 3rd album and were released by Season of Mist in 2001. This album was a little less schizo than "Contentum" but took Atrox further and higher in a more full frontal progressive blow-out. Both of these releases got the attention of the press around the world and the albums were either totaly praised or slathered. This was also a goal for Atrox to push the listeners limits and try to make people a little more open minded towards music.

After this Atrox signed a new record deal with Code666 and went through some line-up changes again. In 2003 Atrox 4th album "Orgasm" were released. The recipe for this album could be described with the following ingredients: 250gr of Meshuggah, 200gr of The Gathering, 25gr of atmospheric electronic synths. Mixed with a teaspoon of jazz arrangements and rhythmic. At the end, add fantasy and madness as much as you want. With this album Atrox achieved their best reviews in the bands history so far.

The band then played some gigs and did a few festival-appearances (Hole in the Sky and Southern Discomfort), with bands and artists like Katatonia, Arcturus, Entombed, Danzig, Red Harvest, Madder Mortem, The Haunted etc. at the same time as the band went through some more line-up changes.
Tor Arne: Drums
Erik : Bass
Rune S : Guitars & programming
Per : Keys
Eivind : Guitars
Rune F: Vocals

Cernunnos (Tor-Helge Skei) 1988-1994 Guitars
Gunder Audun Dragsten 1988-1990 Guitars
Knarr 1988-1992 Drums
Gersa 1988-1997 Vocals
Svenn 1988-1995 Bass, vocals
Tomas 1993-1993 Drums
Larry 1994-1999 Drums
Dagga 1995-1999 Guitars
Tommy Sebastian Halseth 1995-1999 Bass
Monika Edvardsen 1995-2004 Vocals and synth
Pete Beck 2002-2003 Bass, vocals


2. Atrox (Ger / hardcore)
-lacking information about this band, contribution needed !-

3. Atrox (Ger / death metal)
They released a demo entitle "Deathlust" in 1989

4. Atrox (Ita / hardcore)
-lacking information about this band, contribution needed !-
Official homepage :

5. Atrox (Fra / black metal)
They released two demos in 2002 and 2003, namely "Infest and Desecrate" and "Atrox". Current status is unknown.

6. Atrox (Col)
Their first demo was released in 2004
Official homepage :
Myspace page :

7. Atrox (Swe)
They released a single entitled "Land of Silence" on PLC in 1992

Avant-garde Gothic/Progressive Metal

The human psyche

Norway (Trondheim), formed in 1990

Season Of Mist


Rune Sørgård - guitar, bass (Tactile Gemma)
Eivind Fjoseide - guitars (Manes)
Tor-Arne Helgesen - drums (Mist Enticer)
Erik Paulsen - bass
Per Spjøtvold - keyboards (The Apparatus, Goat the Head)
Rune - vocals, samples

Tor-Helge Skei (aka Cernunnus) - guitar (Manes, Keep of Kalessin, ex-Suffocation (Nor))
Dagga -guitar
Ole Marius Larmerud - guitar (Manifest (Nor))
Geir Knarrbakk (aka Knarr) - drums (Bloodthorn, ex-Suffocation (Nor))
Tomas - drums
Larry - drums
Gersa - vocals (ex-Suffocation (Nor))
Svenn - bass (ex-Suffocation (Nor))
Tommy Sebastian Halseth - bass (ex-Godsend (Nor), ex-Griffin (Nor), Manes, Wåttamezz)
Hingst Hirrbel - session bass
Daniel - bass
Peter - bass
Monika Edvardsen - vocals, keyboards (Tactile Gemma)


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