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On This Cold Ground

Album: ''On This Cold Ground'' (2004 Demo)
1. On This Cold Ground
2. As Eternity
3. Deep In The Forest
4. The Real Meaning
5. Shelter Of The Shadows
6. Nahkaäpärä!


Album: ''Eclogue'' (2005 Demo)
1. Kuolleen Miehen Kevät
2. Life is Done with Me
3. Whispers of Night
4. Unreachable End




The band was originally formed in summer 2003. We got some instruments and we placed them in Eero's garage. The line-up at the time was pretty messy. We started right away to write our own songs and after half an hour we already had two finished "songs" and we recorded them also. And within next few days we had five recorded "songs" so our first so called demo was ready and we were very pround about it (unfortunately no one else was :) and we decided to get drunk (like we did everyday :).
Then came a little silent period and next autumn we started to play at Joensuun Normaalikoulu's music class. The line-up at that time was: Eero and Misi in guitars, Eetu in bass, Ari in drums and Teemu in vocals. Later during the autumn we started to write songs which ended up in the On This Cold Ground-demo.


At the beginning of the next year Misi decided to leave the band because he had lack of interest. So Eetu started to play guitar and Aleksi came to play bass. A Little later Teemu was replaced by Jonne who also sang the vocals at Metsän Uumenissa-demo. We planned to go to Studio before the summer but because the lack of training time we didn't make it.
In summer we played at Aleksi's home.
In autumn we wrote some more songs and trained more so that we could go to the studio. But then we faced a serious problem because Jonne lost his motivation and we had to find a new singer very quickly because the studio was booked for next week. So our only solution was that Teemu came to sang the vocals and luckily he admitted to join the band again. Then we recorded "On This Cold Ground" at Joensuun Normaalikoulu Studios and everything went well (did it?). At the end of the year we played two gigs and started to write more songs.


The beginning of the year was pretty silent period. Only one one gig was played in Scream. We concentrated to train for our upcoming demo. So the time went by and finally, in May, we we're ready to enter the studio once again. It took about two weeks to record the new demo and later it was named Eclogue.
At the moment Eclogue is waiting for it's release which will propably take place in June. Few gigs are also planned but we may see...

Melodic Death Metal

Sorrow, Death, Destruction

Finland (Joensuu), formed in 2003



Eero Myrsky - Guitars
Eetu Latja - Guitars
Aleksi Raappana - Bass
Ari Nousiainen - Drums
Teemu Rautiainen - Vocals

Jonne Turunen - Vocals
Mihaly Zaborzsky - Guitars


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