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Magia Eon...

Album: ''Magia Eon...'' (1997)
1. Ubi Es Tu Potens
2. Haec In Nobis
3. Necronomicon
4. Argondia
5. Athanor Alchymia
6. Sammael
7. Endora
8. Magia Eon...
9. Daimonion
10. Et Nympha Est - Domina Obscura
11. Hoathahe Saitan


The name Astral may refer to one of three bands or one DJ:

1) Based in the bustling city of Singapore, Astral dominates the local airwaves by day and wrecks havoc on the mixer sound meters by night. His extensive musical talent & technical ability allows him to mix almost every genre possible.

Introduced to the world of electronic music in the 90's through the music of Orbital, the Orb and Prodigy. Astral’s interests in dance music breeds his desire to learn the art of mixing…

Citing Shiloh, Luke Chable, Hybrid, Benz & MD & Nubreed as his influence, Astral’s style spells ‘Progressive & Melodic’. During 2002’s much talked about Heineken THIRST competition (headlined by superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold), Astral emerged as one of the top 8 finalists in Singapore – mesmerizing the dancefloor with his signature style of lush melodies & uplifting beats.

Driven by his passion for dance music, Astral hopes to be involved in production in the near future.

2)Astral is also a techno metal band formed by keyboardist Vlada Astral and guitarist Charlie Rock. The current lineup consists of two more members - James Malone (guitars, vocals) and Ritchie Hutson (drums/percussion).

3)Astral is also a symphonic black metal from Český Těšín (Czech Republic). They were formed in 1996 by vocalist Maestro and guitarist Sammael. They released only two albums - Magia Eon... and Filicetum Lunare.

4)Astral is a dream pop group from San Francisco, California. Astral was formed by singer-guitarist Dave Han and drummer Shawn Poh in 1999; bassist Amy Rosenoff joined them in 2001. Their vocals are frequently compared to those of The Cure; other influences include My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division, and Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. Their music is of an ethereal, melodic nature; this ambient sound is created largely by heavy use of distortion and feedback effects in Han's guitar. Poh's drumming could best be described as post-punk; Rosenoff's bass is highly audible. Astral released an LP, entitled "Orchids", in 2003. Two songs from that album, "Raining Down" and the title-track instrumental, were preloaded in the Rio Carbon MP3 Players.

Black/Gothic Metal

Vampires, darkness, love

Czech Republic (Ceský Tésín), formed in 1996

Last Episode


Maestro - Vocals, Pan Flute
Martin Samael Zila - Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Vocals (Pergamen Luciferian, Demonist)
Lukas Michna - Bass (Ritual (Cze))


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