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Album: ''Sklavengott'' (1997)
1. Iskariots Kiss
2. For Those We Hate
3. Revelations Of A New Dimension
4. Sklavengott
5. Kyrie Astaroth Eleison
6. Rape The Shining Stars In The Sky
7. Christenfeind
8. We, Princes Of Darkness
9. Symphony For A Requiem
10. Black Decade

Violent Soundtrack Martyrium

Album: ''Violent Soundtrack Martyrium'' (1999)
1. O.M.D. (Orchestral Manoever in the Dark)
2. In Memorium - Heavenly Creatures
3. Enter the Darkside of Eden
4. Invisible in Heaven
5. The Millenium (Embodiment Forsaken)
6. Resistance (The Rebellion)
7. Members of the Black Empire (Finishing Move)


There are couple of metal bands with this name.
1. ASTAROTH was formed in 1995 from Berserker (vox.), Styx (gui.), Myr (b.) and Astaroth (dr.) March 1966 came out their first CD "CHRISTENFEIND" One and a half year after the split Astaroth entered the CCP-Studio again to record the full length album "SKLAVENGOTT". After many concerts with bands like SATYRICON, BEHEMOTH and EMPEROR , ASTAROTH had extensive change in their Line-up and more than half of the members left the band. In 1998 a new Line-up were found in four new extreme musicians for ASTAROTH. MARTYR (dr.), SANGUIS (b.), SASATHYS (keys.), CHAOS (g.) and finally NEMESIS (g/v) formally known as STYX. A new Line-up, a new style of Black-Metal. For the first time, ASTAROTH use a keyboard as a permanent instrument in the band. Seven new songs were composed and 1999 recorded in the halls of CCP. The third album called "Violant Sountrack Martyrium" came out in the end of 1999. Because of huge interest in older and unknown titles of ASTAROTH and the professional video "Buch der Weisheit" label and the memberships of the band decided to bring out a special edition with Re-mastered Demosongs and the complete video plus two live video tracks and a plenty of rare photos. In summer 2001 ASTAROTH recorded the album "Annus Suprimus". And The album "Organic Perpetual Hatework" which was released in 2005 was their last album yet.

2. Italian speed metal band formed in Rome in 1982. After recording 3 demos, they released an EP in 1985 with the title The Long Loud Silence.
They disbanded afterwards.

3. Death Metal band from finland, 4 demos, 1 ep, split-up, 1 demo, split-up for good.

Black Metal (early) - Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal

Mystical, Anti-Christian

Austria (Linz), formed in 1995

CCP Records


Nemesis 'Styx' - Vocals,Guitar, Keyboards
Beowulf - bass
Astaroth - drums

Berserker - Vocals
Myr - Bass (Estatic Fear, Third Moon)
Milan 'Astaroth Magus' Pejak - Drums (Septic Ceremony, ex-Third Moon, Estatic Fear)
Chaos - Guitar (Elymas)
Sanguis - Bass
Sasathys - Keyboard
Mathyr - Drums


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