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Enter to Infinity

Album: ''Enter to Infinity'' (2001 Demo)
1. The New Dawn
2. Enter to Infinity
3. Hills Have Eyes

Live 21/4

Album: ''Live 21/4'' (2001 Demo)
1. Intro
2. The New Dawn
3. Hills Have Eyes

Requiems for the Lost

Album: ''Requiems for the Lost'' (2002)
1. Requiem
2. Assailant
3. Samhain
4. Before the Storm
5. A Tyrant Breed
6. Serenity
7. The Ringbearer
8. Love Sank Wounded
9. Day and Dream
10. Enigma
11. A Hope Forlorn


Album: ''Samhain'' (2002 Demo)
1. Samhain
2. Before the Storm
3. The Ringbearer

Mental State

Album: ''Mental State'' (2005 Demo)
1. Edge Of Forever
2. Lies
3. Souless
4. Buried Alive
5. Tomorrow
6. Eternal
7. Downward Spiral
8. My Awakening


Assailant Line Up:
- Peder Sundqvist - Vocals
- Oskar Norberg - Guitars
- Patrik Larsson - Drums
- Joakim Jonsson - Bass
- Marcus Sundbom - Guitars
- Peder Sandström - Synths

Assailant were formed in Umeå/Sweden in 2004.
To make a long story shorter: it all began at six different places with six different persons. These six persons didn't know each other at this time, but they all had a great, burning interest in music.

Jocke and Oskar began to play together at a quite early stage and were part of many formations. Later on Peder Sandström joined them and it worked out great. After some years they felt it didn't really work out with their drummer so they decided to give Patrik a shot. They rehearsed/jammed together once and then decided to put Patrik behind the drums. The old material was left behind and new songs began to form.

At this time, in 2001, the band was called Sacra Via. There was however a small problem as they didn't have a vocalist. After some search they found Markus Granberg and soon had a new demo-record finished under the bandname Ecliptica. Time went on and Kristofer Eriksson, a childhood friend of Patrik and Peder joined the band on rhythm guitar; a new demo-record was produced and Ecliptica began to do more live performances. All went smooth but unfortunately for the band Kristofer went to Stockholm to study music and Markus got a job in Spain as an entertainer and suddenly left the country.

In May 2004 what was still left of Ecliptica got in touch with Peder Sundqvist, vocalist of Dead Street Journal and Lesra. They made a new song (Lies) and Mr. Sundqvist seemed to like it, so they all went to a studio and let Mr. Sundqvist record some lines; everyone was extremely satisfied and from that day Peder Sundqvist was the new vocalist.
In August the band felt they could really use another guitarist so they contacted Marcus Sundbom (Dead Street Journal and Diaspora) who was happy to join.
They all did feel that Ecliptica was no longer a righteous name for the band; the music itself had changed so much and also the band-members. They now took the name Assailant.

Since that day they have produced a lot of material and performed live (Demons of the Opera among other events).

Assailant are never standing still, they are always striving forward using their creativity, inspiration and burning passion for music. Their music I would describe as a huge concrete wall with melodic paintings, a threatening atmosphere and an aggressive edge.
At this very moment Assailant's planning the recording of their debut-album along with the record-label Dockyard1.

Official Website: Assailant

© Assailant

Power Metal

Sweden, formed in 2000

MFE Records


Marcus Karlsson - Vocals, guitar (Moria (Swe))
Albin Johansson - Synthesizers, Piano
Magnus Florin - Guitar
Hampus Mörk - Bass (Moria (Swe))
Anders Wier - Drums

Mattias Moberg - Guitar
Joel Dittmer - Drums


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