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The Rack

Album: ''The Rack'' (1991)
1. The Quest for Absurdity
2. Vermin
3. Diabolical Existence
4. Evocation
5. Wasteland of Terror
6. The Sickening Dwell
7. Ode to a Nameless Grave
8. Pages in Blood
9. The Rack

Last One On Earth

Album: ''Last One On Earth'' (1992)
1. M.S. Bismarck
2. The Krusher
3. Serenade in Lead
4. Last One on Earth
5. The Incarnation of Lust
6. Streams of Ancient Wisdom
7. Food for the Ignorant
8. Asphyx (Forgotten War)

Crush the Cenotaph

Album: ''Crush the Cenotaph'' (1992 EP)
1. Crush The Cenotaph
2. Rite Of Shades
3. The Krusher
4. Evocation (live)
5. Wasteland Of Terror (live)


Album: ''Asphyx'' (1994)
1. Prelude Of The Unhonoured Funeral
2. Depths Of Eternity
3. Emperors Of Salvation
4. 'Til Death Do Us Apart
5. Initiation Into The Ossuary
6. Incarcerated Chimaeras
7. Abomination Echoes
8. Back Into Eternity
9. Valleys In Oblivion
10. Thoughts Of An Atheist

Embrace the Death

Album: ''Embrace the Death'' (1996)
1. Intro
2. Embrace The Death
3. The Sickened Dwell
4. Streams Of Ancient Wisdom
5. Thoughts Of An Atheist
6. Crush The Cenotaph
7. Denying The Goat
8. Vault Of The Vailing Souls
9. Circle Of The Secluded
10. To Succubus A Whore
11. Eternity's Depths
12. Outro
13. Mutilating Process
14. Streams Of Ancient Wisdom

God Cries

Album: ''God Cries'' (1996)
1. God Cries
2. It Awaits
3. My Beloved Enemy
4. Died Yesterday
5. Cut-Throat Urges
6. Slaughtered In Sodom
7. Frozen Soul
8. Fear My Greed
9. The Blood I Spilled

On The Wings of Inferno

Album: ''On The Wings of Inferno'' (2000)
1. Summoning The Storm
2. The Scent Of Obscurity
3. For They Ascend...
4. On The Wings Of Inferno
5. 06/06/2006
6. Waves Of Fire
7. Indulge In Frenzy
8. Chaos In The Flesh
9. Marching Towards The Styx



Asphyx was formed back in 1987, this project quickly achieved universal recognition within the underground scene for his ground breaking style which was largely death metal based, but with melded forms of doom metal and thrash metal into the music.

The core, consisting of Bob Bagchus (drums) and Eric Daniels (guitars), saw many different line-ups, especially with changes on the vocalist/bass-player position (Martin Van Drunen and the late Theo Loomans being the most remarkable ones), but Asphyx never even thought about altering their style.

In 1998, the band's name changed to Soulburn. In 2000 they renamed it back into Asphyx only to disband a year after in 2001.

In 2007 the band decided to re-unite again for a one time performance at PARTY SAN and their lineup now consists of the following members:

Martin van Drunen - Vocals
Wannes Gubbels - Bass/Vocals
Paul Baayens - Guitar
Bob Bagchus - Drums


1989 Mutilating Process (ep) - Gore Records
1991 The Rack - Century Media Records
1992 Crush the Cenotaph (ep) - Century Media Records
1993 Last one on Earth - Century Media Records
1994 Asphyx - Century Media Records
1996 God Cries - Century Media Records
2000 On the Wings of Inferno - Century Media Records

Death/Doom Metal

occultism, death, damnation

Netherlands (VH Oldenzaal), formed in 1987

Century Media


Martin Van Drunen - vocals (bass in the early 1990s) (ex-Pestilence (Hol), Bunkur, Submission (Hol), ex-Bolt Thrower, ex-Comecon, Death by Dawn, Mortuary I.O.D., Hail of Bullets)
Wannes Gubbels - bass, vocals (Pentacle, Soulburn, Bunkur)
Bob Bagchus - drums (Soulburn, Throne (Hol), Evoker)
Paul Baayens - guitar (Cremation (Hol), Thanatos (Hol), Hail of Bullets)

Theo Loomans (R.I.P.-15.09.1998) - bass, guitar, vocals (Soulburn, Evoker, Swazafix, Gomorha)
Sander Van Hoof - drums
Ron Van Pol - bass, vocals (Twisted Truth, Malignant)
Ronny Van Der Wey - guitar (Lethargy, Legion (Hol), Dead Head (Hol), Beyond Belief)
Christian Colli - bass, vocals (Submission (Hol), Sacrosanct (Hol))
Roel Sanders - drums (God Dethroned, Disinfest, Inhume, Malignant)
Tony Brookhuis - guitar
Eric Daniels - guitar (Soulburn)


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