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Album: ''Autumn'' (2000)
1. Wish/Eternal Autumn
2. Praise of a Blind Child
3. Angel Effluvium
4. The Bum
5. Skyggerness Dal
6. The Ritual
7. Wounded
8. The Father's Pride
9. Stay By Me
10. Changes
11. Rainbow


This grouping, is born in 1996 with the following line up: Luis Moya (drums) and Patricio Saavedra (rhythmic guitar), former members of Gólgotas; Iván Ibarra (first guitar), Mauricio Vivallo (bass) and Marcelo Vivallo (voices), former members of Damned. Defined this way, Aseidad undertakes its first works under the influence of Power Metal and Death Metal, with a little of Classic Rock.

In 1997 Aseidad experiences an overturn in their musical proposal, deriving their efforts toward the definition of a near style to the European Doom Gothic Metal. This influence is accented after the first guitarist departure in whose substitution assumes Cristián Nilo, from Proteus Mirabilis, whose permanency in the band was so brief that didn't reach to print his personal stamp to the next compositions.

Without leaving the cause behind, Aseidad continuous their task and, in 1997 it’s able to complete their premature career with the recording of their first demo in Radiográfica (former Attic) studies. Under the supervision of Marcelo Morales and with Jano Lizana, DOMINUS XUL guitarist, playing the first guitar; four songs were recorded for this production: “The Burn", Eternal Autumn", Angel Efluvium and The Father's Pride", are the songs that give shape to this first attempt.

In the second semester of 1998, a new guitarist, called Marcelo Prades incorporates to the band.

In September of 1999 is recorded the LP Autumn in N-music A.C. (former studies Bellavista). After the LP release, in May 2000, Aseidad played in several places of Santiago and regions, until some members left the group in the search of other musical directions. At that moment Saavedra and Prades formed UNDERNEATH.

After a year of absence of metal scene, Aseidad began the search of new members. Thus entered Erik Birkner (former bass player of ASTRAL SOUL), next to Mario Chacana in drums (exchanged with POEMA ARCANUS by Luis Moya), Juan Pablo "Palalo" Binimelis in guitar and Juan Escobar (founder of Subtenebras) in keyboards. Them next to Marcelo Vivallo, as always in voices, completed the line up. Mauricio Vivallo leaves Aseidad later to dedicate himself to its band SARKUS that maintained in a parallel way until that moment.

In the first months of 2004, Rodrigo Ramírez (Skanner) from electro-industrial band VIGILANTE, enters to Aseidad replacing temporarily Juan Escobar in keyboards but, due mainly to the lack of time, Juan leaves Aseidad definitively to dedicate himself exclusively to SUBTENEBRAS, band of which is leader. This way Rodrigo became stable part of the band and due to its musical formation Aseidad begins to incorporate more electronic sounds in its songs.

Nowadays Aseidad already has a definitive formation that is, as follows: Erik in bass, Mario in drums, Palalo in guitars, Rodrigo in keyboards, and Marcelo in voices.

Due to the changes of members, band’s style has varied toward a nearer style to the Gothic-Metal thus, Aseidad’s related bands are To/die/for, Evereve, Poisonblack, Paradise Lost, Crematory, among others.

Aseidad is projected to soon recording an EP and a new LP before year-end. Some of the possible songs to be included are: “You Can't”, “Your Absence, my Silence”, “Ashes”, “Release of Soul”, “Queen of Emptiness”, “I fall”, “The Clust” and “Voice of Snake”

Death/Doom Metal

Agony, Insanity, Torment

Chile (Santiago), formed in 1996



Erick Britner - Bass
Mario Chacana - Drums
Juan Pablo Binimelis - Guitars
Marcelo Vivallo - Vocals
Rodrigo "Skanner" Ramírez - Keys & sequences

Moundrés (Mauricio Vivallo) - Guitars (Sarkus)
Juan Subtenebras - Keyboards


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