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Phoenix Rising

Album: ''Phoenix Rising'' (1997)
1. Area 51
2. Through The Gate
3. Valley Of The Kings
4. Blood Brother
5. Into The Blue
6. Phoenix Rising
7. Forbidden Love
8. The City Is Lost
9. Goin' Home
10. I Really Don't Care

Sacred Pathways

Album: ''Sacred Pathways'' (2001)
1. Voyage To Nasca
2. Your Victory
3. Running Out Of Time
4. Sacred Pathways
5. Silent Temple
6. The Emperor
7. Nightmare
8. The Killing
9. The Calm Before The Storm
10. March To Ruin
11. Flower Of The Orient
12. Nightmare (radio edit)

New Discovery

Album: ''New Discovery'' (2003)
1. New Discovery
2. Remember My Name
3. Innocence Lost
4. The Last Survivor
5. Hearts Are Broken
6. Symphonic Expedition (instrumental)
7. Endless Days
8. Call of the Wild
9. Story Teller
10. Endless Days (radio edit)

Future World

Album: ''Future World'' (2004)
1. Dark Before the Dawn
2. The Day of Judgement
3. Federation
4. Tree of Knowledge
5. "Prelude" (Theme by J.S. Bach - Instrumental)
6. Future World
7. Close to the Sun
8. Take Me In Your Arms
9. Stand & Fight
10. I Really, Really Don't Care (Instrumental)
11. Computer Heart (Japanese Bonus Track)



Artension is a progressive metal supergroup, formed by keyboard virtuoso Vitalij Kuprij. Kuprij describes the bands' sound as "aggressive neoclassical metal". Their lyrical topics have ranged from technology and sci-fi to nature and ancient cultures. Over the years, they have released seven studio albums, most recently Future World in 2005, and have toured Europe and Japan.

Kuprij, along with vocalist John West (of Royal Hunt) and guitarist Roger Staffelbach have appeared on every Artension album. Drummer Mike Terrana (of Rage, Axel Rudi Pell, and others) and bassist Kevin Chown have appeared on most albums, however Steve DiGiorgio (of Death, Sadus, and others) is the current bassist.

Progressive Metal

United States of America, formed in 1993



John West - vocals (Feinstein, Royal Hunt, Sun Red Sun)
Roger Staffelbach - guitars (Roger Staffelbach's Angel of Eden)
Vitalij Kuprij - keyboards (Ring of Fire, Mark Boals, Promised Land, Adagio (Fra))
Steve DiGiorgio - Bass (Autopsy, Sebastian Bach & Friends, Death, Dark Hall, Control Denied,Iced Earth, Suicide Shift, Dragonlord, James Murphy, Quo Vadis (Can), Sadus, ex-Testament, Vintersorg)
Mike Terrana - drums (Savage Circus, Axel Rudi Pell, ex-Rage (Ger), Empire (Ger), Roland Grapow, ex-Squealer (Ger), Victor Smolski, ex-Metalium (Ger), ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Kiko Loureiro, ex-John West, Tony MacAlpine, ex-Gamma Ray, Masterplan, Hanover Fist, ex session for Not Fragile)

Shane Gaalaas: drums (on Machine and Forces of Nature) (ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Cosmosquad, ex-Diesel Machine/Diesel (US)), ex-Miloš Dodo Doležal, M.S.G.)
John Onder: bass (on Machine and Forces of Nature)
Kevin Chown - bass (ex-Magnitude 9 (US), Mike Terrana, Edwin Dare, Tiles, Tony MacAlpine)


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