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Son of Solstice

Album: ''Son of Solstice'' (2004)
1. Menhir
2. Antares / Son of Solstice
3. Oracle
4. Onslaught
5. Omen
6. Codex
7. Allegiance
8. Towers of Equinox



ARTEFACT #1 (1979-1980)

Freanch band formed by Maurice G. Dantec with Éric Vennettilli (Riton V), Marc L'Azou and Jean-Paul Ruard.

They record in late 70's some cyber-punk songs growing to a more experimental music close from the Pop Group, mixing funk, pop, punk and new wave, with creative electronic sounds and subversive french lyrics.

The debut and unique album is released in 1980 "Agit' Pop", just after a maxi EP "M.A.E." in 1979.



History has proven that progress is what makes Artefact. Almost 10 years ago producer Maxim Schram started Artefact in his bedroom studio expressing his love for instrumental electronic music.

In 2000 Maxim met Shamangi. This vocalist with her roots in both Africa and Holland managed to take Artefact's music to another level with her beautiful voice. Encouraged to play more live by the people around him, Maxim asked drummer Paul van Gerven to join the band. After only 3 months (in December 2002) Artefact won the biggest music prize in the Netherlands, obviously called “The Grand Prize of the Netherlands” (de Grote prijs van NL).

After that the release of their EP “One of a Kind” was a fact and consequently Artefact toured around Holland with Lamb (UK). In 2004 the band signed with record label PIAS (Beef, Vitalic, Nits) and released their debut album “Addicted to your Goodies” in October of that year. The album featured contributions of artists like trumpet player Ryan Carniaux (USA), rapper Nemesiz (St. Martin) and scratch-dj Broky B. The album received a lot of raving reviews especially for it’s uniqueness on the Dutch market. Following the release Artefact toured a lot of Dutch festival among which Noorderslag/Eurosonic (2005) is the most well known. Following the success, In the meantime Maxim made remixes for numerous bands like Beef, Lamb and Autumn.

In 2006 the band worked on their new album called CAFFEINE on which their sound evolved into a mash-up of funk, dance, rock and electronica. The beautifully intense voice of Shamangi is still leading and the influence of gear-junky Maxim Schram still plays an important role. Sometimes he seems to put every instrument through the mangler and then sometimes he let’s the beauty of the instrument speaks for itself. CAFFEINE is an extraordinary powerful and in your face album but not afraid to show its soft side with downtempo tracks where the band became famous with. CAFFEINE was released, February 2007.

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Genesis Of Artefact :

Artefact came into the minds of Julien (vocals), Alucard (Guitars) and Aldébaran (Guitars) in anno 2000. Together, they began to create and record their first eponym demo, but they also have difficulties to find other musicians to complete the band. However, it's during this period that the musical orientation of ARTEFACT started really.

The goal of their music was to inspire dream and to bring the listener in another world. In this way, they create an original music which sounds like anyone else. But to describe briefly their music it could be a combination of Black-Metal (EMPEROR, ARCTURUS, BURZUM, ENSLAVED, OPETH, BATHORY, early IN FLAMES, DISSECTION, BAL SAGOTH, DIMMU BORGIR, early ULVER and more...) with varied and vast elements like Heavy-Metal (METALLICA, Y.J.MALMSTEEN, IRON MAIDEN), Death-Metal (DEATH), Doom-Metal (early AMORPHIS, PARADISE LOST etc...), also many Classical references (composers: E.GRIEG, J.S.BACH...), Medieval Polyphony (G. De MACHAUT etc...) and even some influence in Jazz music. But it is of course a non-exhaustive list.
Rising Force...

Luckily, they meet two talented musicians, Ranko (drums) and Alexis (bass) in March 2002 with the help of a common friend. They were ex-members of OKTOPOD, an excellent band of Death/Grind Metal which splitted after recorded a Demo Mini-CD.

Thus, the band start practising their compositions while training with some covers of Cult Black-Metal bands. But their principal wish was the recording of a full length album.

Due to a lack of time, Alucard leaves the band few weeks laters. But in despite of that, the band decides to continue in trio. So, ARTEFACT recorded his first demo with this formation in order to prepare their future opus.

First gigs and first Opus: Son Of Solstice :

A little time after this second demo (which obtains the excellent note of 18/20 in Innate'Zine), a new guitarist named Camille joins the band to complete the trio. This line-up prove itself during several gigs. In anno 2003, they finally manage to record the final version of "Son Of Solstice" with the help of Kallaghan for the production. Sly, a member of SHIMMER OF KAOS courtesy appears on vocals. This album contains rearranged old songs as well as new ones.

This cd enable the band to be recognized in France as well as in the Metal press and was elected as "Best Autoproduction" in the famous quarter Magazine named Metallian.

After this recording, ARTEFACT changes his line-up: Alucard remplaces Camille on the guitars whereas Runenlyd who used to sing and play guitar in his own band DEVIANCE holds the vacant role as vocalist.

Magic Spellcraft era :

This era marks the emergency of new songs which refine their style whereas maintain the basis of their music, they bring an even more emphasis into the Medieval/Fantasy aspects.

After all that, ARTEFACT was selected by Metallian to play at the Wacken Battle (the biggest Metal Festival) in August 2004.

They take advantage of this recognition and finish their next effort entitled "Magic Spellcraft", a melange of agressiveness, emotion and dark, epic atmospheres.

In crusade to spread the message everywhere, the band is ready to become the next leader in French Black Metal.

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Heavy/Black Metal

France (Nice), formed in 2000

Rupture Music


Aldebaran - Guitar
Ranko - Drums (Otargos)
Alexis - Bass
Runenlyd - Vocals
Sephiroth - Keyboards
Olwe Telrunya - Guitar

Camille - Guitars
Julien - Vocals
Pierre - Bass
Frank - Keyboards
Sly - Vocals
Pascal (aka Alucard) - Guitar


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