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Album: ''Futile...Impuissant...Tragique'' (2005 Demo)
1. Fin de Règne
2. Désillusion
3. Funeste cohérence
4. Vers l'après
5. Quintessence (Darkthrone cover)


The band was formed in August 1998 by Christian Keimel (drums) and Heiko Ernstreiter (lead guitar), in September 1998 Michael Wegleitner (vocals/rhythm guitar) joined. In October of the same year the band was completed by a bass player, who left again in August 1999 because of musical differences and time problems. In January 2000 we recorded our first demo CD and provided our thzen newest title "World of Hate" for the "All Different All Equal"-Sampler of the JUZ Spektrum.

Long after the bass player left we at last found compensation for him in Michael Kriegl, but he also had to leave in June 2002 due to prior commitments in his work.

In April 2003 we found a suitable bass player in Thomas Iberer. After we rehearsed new songs with this line-up, we started recording our real debut "Dissimulated" in December 2003. The release of this 5-Track-Album was more often postponed than we had imagined due to timely problems of the studio-technician. Still we managed to release it in mid-July as a self-production.

In September 2004 we were again working industriously on new songs for a new and full length CD with max. 10 tracks. The songs are going to be more compact and direct, but also more demanding and intensive.

Our EP "Your Soul On Our Screen" was released Dec. 2005 and contains 3 tracks which should give you a taste of the album, recorded in winter 2005 and spring 2006. Concerning the style, it will hook up to older material but it will also have some surprises in store.

In April 2006 our drummer Chri left us for reasons of musical and personal readjustment, however we swiftly found replacement in Mike who formerly was a member of Rebellion Flag.

In June 2006 we will record our Debut Album "Journey To Your Agony". It will be released in early December 2006 at NoiseHead Records.

After we finished the hole recording of our new record we found a new suitable second giutarist. His name is Chris and used to play in Impurity and other bands.

In August 2006 we had to replace our bass player. We wish Tom, who was and will remain our good friend and who was a member of the band for a long time, a lot of succes with his new band/s. Finally we found Yosh and came to the conclusion that he had to become our new, appropriate bass player.

After these frequent changes of members, we are eager to enter the stage in an almost entirely new line-up.

Our style combines mainly Thrash- and Deathmetal, but because there are too many influences in our music. The songs excel in their powerful guitarriffs, which vary between midtempo-passages and thrashy licks, but which also allow two-voiced melody-soli. The drums, which masterly underline the groovy parts, are reinforced by a genuine bass. Last but not least the songs get their distinguished character by their aggressive vocals. The lyrics tell of death and dying, but if you read between the lines, you can discover the hidden sociocritical quintessence.

Our past concert highlights were with bands like Soilwork, Hatesphere, Construcdead, Mastic Scum, Chimaira, Tankard, Vader, Pungent Stench, Fleshcrawl, Hypnos, Deadlock, Gorerotted and many others.

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Atmospheric Dark/Black Metal

France (Clermont-Ferrand), formed in 2001



Bastien Mailhot : all instruments (session for Umbakrail)


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