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Abducted Intelligence

Album: ''Abducted Intelligence'' (2000 Demo)
1. Abducted Intelligence
2. Cellbound
3. Black Souls
4. Delusion Of Life

The Godly Work of Art

Album: ''The Godly Work of Art'' (2001)
1. A Godly Work of Art
2. Generations for Sale
3. Within
4. Delusion of Life
5. Haterush
6. Cellbound
7. Wounds
8. Abducted Intelligence
9. ...And the Truth Is Lies
10. Motorbreath (Metallica cover)

Kings of a Cloned Generation

Album: ''Kings of a Cloned Generation'' (2003)
1. Strangled Love
2. Stains Of Blood
3. Another World To Consume
4. Kings Of A Cloned Generation
5. Corroded
6. Way Above Life
7. Nuclear Ray Infected
8. Stick To The Line
9. Master Of Gravity
10. Demons In White (Japan Bonus Track)*
11. Wasted Life

The Beautiful New World

Album: ''The Beautiful New World'' (2005)
1. How Long Can You Pretend?
2. A New World
3. Profit From the Weak
4. Dreams Worthy Gods
5. King of Yesterday, Slave of Today
6. Of Life and Death
7. Expendable Heroes
8. Inject the Machine
9. Misery
10. Broken Trust
11. Tribute to the Flesh


There are at least 3 bands with the name Arise:

1. History
Arise was founded 1996 in Alingsås outside Gothenburg, Sweden, under another name, but got the name Arise 1998 when the first demo recording were released. The third demo Abducted Intelligence were recoded in Los Angered Recordings 2000 by Andy LaRoque, and became the demo recording of the month in the Swedish Close Up Magazine. 2001 were the band signed by Spinefarm Records / Spikefarm (fi) and released their first full length record The Godly Word of Art. The same year, the band were nominated to the Swedish award Rockbjörnen. Their second studio album Kings of the Cloned Generation were released 2003, and Spinefarm Records were bought by Universal Records during that time. The third CD were recorded and released 2005 under the name The Beautiful New World. This got the review 9/10 in Terrorizer Magazine.

In December 2005 Patrik Skoglöw and Erik Ljungkvist parted ways in Arise with Daniel Bugno and L-G Jonasson due to differences in opinon. They were replaced by Patrik Johansson (vocals), Sternberg (guitars) and Kaj (bass guitar).

Currently the band is writing songs for an upcoming album.

Current band members
Patrik Johansson - Vocals
Sternberg - Guitar
L-G Jonasson - Guitar
Kaj - Bass guitar
Daniel Bugno - Drums

Former band members
Patrik Skoglöw - Bass guitar
Erik Ljungkvist - Vocals / Guitar

2. Also, Arise is a thrash metal/black metal band from the north bay area in California.

Jimmy Campbell - Lead guitars
Tim Ocaranza - guitars
Pajon - Bass
Adrian Trevino - Drums
Feo - Vocals

you can check out their music at

3. Arise is also a progressive Southern Gospel trio from southwestern Ohio.

Arise first began back around 1998 in the city of Fairfield, OH. Jason Begley and Kim Romine, both final members and cousins, started the group. For years, they sang in their home church and around the community at various singings and church gatherings. But then God called for them to take their ministry further.

In 2002, Arise recorded their first album, the self-titled Arise. It was a collection of traditional Southern Gospel staples and fan favorites, including the songs "I Got Up and Went", "I'm Bound for a City", and the classic Dottie Rambo gem, "I've Never Been This Homesick Before".

During the summer of 2003, Arise was named a semi-finalist in the Exalting Him 2003 National Talent Search.

Arise recorded a new project titled A Living Testimony in the summer of 2004. It was produced by Jimmy Dooley (writer of Ivan Parker's hit single "The Grace That I'm Under") and has a fresh, progressive sound. It was Arise's first attempt at original material, including songs written by Jimmy Dooley, John Darin Rowsey, Greg Day, Sheri LaFontaine, Crystal Lewis, and Arise's own Jason Begley. It also included their first radio single, "Taking A Turn For The Best", featured on the Rick Hendrix Company's Compilation #33.

Arise is now on an indefinite hiatus, having parted ways in 2006. There has been talk about reuniting and possibly with a new name, although nothing has been official.

For more information:

Death/Thrash Metal

Biomechanical / Futuristic

Sweden (Alingsås), formed in 1994

Spinefarm Records


Daniel Bugno - Drums
L-G Jonasson - Guitar
Sternberg - Guitar
Kai L - Bass
Patsy - Vocals

Jörgen Sjölander - Vocals (1994-95)
Björn Andvik - Vocals (1995-96)
Erik Ljungqvist - Vocals, Guitar (1994-2005) (Skymning)
Patrik Skoglöw - Bass (1994-2005)


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