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Fire of Hate

Album: ''Fire of Hate'' (2002 Single)
1. Fire of Hate
2. Seasons of Darkness
3. Learning to Believe

Mundos Paralelos

Album: ''Mundos Paralelos'' (2005)
1. En La Tempestad
2. Nuevo Amanecer
3. Muere La Noche
4. Aprendiendo A Creer
5. Y Las Sombras Quedarán Atrás
6. Lejos De La Soledad
7. Hacia El Portal (instrumental)
8. La Llave
9. Entre Luces Y Oscuridad
10. Cuento Mágico
11. Mundos Paralelos
12. Horizonte Perdido
13. More Than Meets The Eye (Europe cover)

Parallel Worlds

Album: ''Parallel Worlds'' (2005)
1. Fire of Hate
2. New Dawn
3. Seasons of Darkness
4. Learning to Believe
5. The Shadows Will Remain Behind
6. Until the End
7. Opening the Gates
8. The Key
9. Rainfall
10. Magic tale
11. Parallel Worlds
12. Lost Horizon
13. More Than Meets the Eye


Ariadna Project is one of the most promising new bands nowadays in the Argentinean rock/metal scene. With a different and fresh sound the band is now taking steps into the worldwide market with “Parallel Worlds”, their new album.

This power metal project was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, back in 1999, when Rodrigo Gudiña (guitars) and Guillermo De Medio (keyboards) began composing and recording the material that later on would be known as Ariadna Project.

At the end of 2000 the song “Y Las Sombras Quedaran Atras” (“The Shadows Will Remain Behind”) was chosen to be included in the first work of Adrian Barilari (Rata Blanca) as a soloist. All the instrumental parts of this album were recorded in Finland by Jens Johansson (Stratovarius / Yngwie Malmsteen), Emppu Vuorinen, Jukka Nevalainen and Sami Vänskä from Nightwish. This album simply named "Barilari" has already been released in Latin America, Europe and Japan. Also with the release of Barilari’s album the song “Y las Sombras quedarán atrás” was chosen as the first single and its video clip started to be broadcasted throughout all major TV music channels in Argentina.

With the response to Barilari’s album, the label Nems Enterprises offered Ariadna project the opportunity to produce and release it’s first record. The band’s line up was completed with: Javier Yuchechen (vocals), Alexis Espinosa (bass) and Pablo Garrocho (drums).
In June 2004, the band started the recording sessions of “Parallel Worlds” at La Nave de Oseberg studios –Buenos Aires. The album was released in October 2005 for Argentina having a great response from the critic and the public. The song “Aprendiendo a Creer” (“Learning to Believe”)was chosen as the first single of “Parallel Worlds” and its video was airplayed by the CM channel.

"Parallel Worlds” the album’s English version was recorded and mixed between July and August 2006, and it’s about to be released in Europe by Nems Enterprises.
At the same time in 2005 Ariadna Project was part of a tribute album to the legendary British band JUDAS PRIEST “A tribute to the Priest”, with the song “Heart of a lion”. The Priest tribute also features international renowned bands such as: Hammerfall, Primal Fear, Therion y Silent Force among others.

Ariadna Project has been influenced by different music genres ranging from Classical music to Melodic Power Metal, Hard Rock and Progressive Metal, giving as main examples: Yngwie Malmsteen, Stratovarius, Dream Theater, A. Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, Queen, Europe and Symphony X amongst many others.

Power Metal

Argentina (Buenos Aires), formed in 1999

No Label


Rodrigo Alejandro Gudiña - Guitars (Watchmen (Arg))
Guillermo Adrián D'Medio - Guitars and keyboards (Lithuan, ex-Watchmen (Arg))
Javier Yuchechen - Vocals (Sèlidor, Skiltron)
Pablo Garrocho - Drums (Cuero)
Alexis Espinosa - Bass

Damian Gonzalez - Vocals
Germain Leth - Bass (Watchmen (Arg), Martin Knye-Magiar)
Eduardo Giardina - Drums (Watchmen (Arg))


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