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End Of The Weakness

Album: ''End Of The Weakness'' (2005)
1. Arising
2. Day Of The Doom
3. Dead World
4. Queen Of The Night
5. Struggle With Death
6. Lost Fool
7. Ruins Of Life
8. Prayer
9. Hungarian Dance #5 *



ARCHEON was formed around spring and summer of 2001 in Poland. Michal Kostrzynski (lead guitarist) and Michal Tomaszewski (Rhythmic guitarist) who previously were in a black-metal band, invited Janek Lesniak, the keyboard player. A long time passed till they found a drummer. Finally Tomek Grochowski joined the band. Missing parts of the band were a singer and the bass player. After a months of searching another member was found - Andrzej Sadrakula, the bass player. It was more difficult to find the lead singer. A couple of heavy music fans turned up to sing for the band but they didn't last long. In the end this place was taken by Michal Kostrzynski, who also played the lead guitar. It was time to present themselves to a wider audience. Since that time
ARCHEON has played several concerts around Poland supporting local metal stars. In the summer of 2002 the band showed up in a studio to record their single "Dead World". It was recorded at HERTZ Studio in Poland. Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawscy were responsible for the production process. They are known especially because of their brilliant work with a well-known in Poland metal bands.

After recording their first single two people left the band - Andrzej Sadrakuła (bass) and Michal Tomaszewski (rhythmic guitar). In January 2003 Radek Pólrolniczek has become a new guitarist and Grzegorz Jezierski has become a new bass player. For the short time of the bands existence, they received positive feedback. Metal Hammer and Mystic Art had written good reviews. Later on Metal Hammer published an interview with Archeon's leader - Michael Kostrzynski . In March 2003 ARCHEON played several concerts on tour in Poland supporting famous here heavy metal band, Hunter.

After successful tour the band went back to the studio to work on the material for the debut album "End Of The Weakness". The recording session took place in STUDIO-X in Poland in January 2004. The person who was responsible for the production was Szymon Czech known as a producer of Enter Chaos, Panzer-X (with Peter from "Vader"). With new album came next changes. In May Jarek Kajszaczak has become a new bass player. In last few months Archeon with new bass player played several concerts in Poland (even for 1000-1500 fans) and was shown in VIVA Polska TV in program "Hell's Kitchen" where people could hear fragments of music and some words about band in interview with Michal Kostrzynski.

In September 2004 after over 3 years of rockin', Janek Lesniak left the band and metal music as well. From that time Archeon played some shows without keys. Audience accepted this change with a lot of enthusiasm. Finally Archeon has found a record company to release their debut "End Of The Weakness". It was Empire Records who
released this album in June 2005. In the middle of time band made a professional video clip to song called “Prayer”. This video kept on the top of voting charts list in the “Hell’s Kitchen” program on VIVA Polska music television for many weeks. In the fact, there was emitted also an interview with Michal in the same TV Show. Some other interviews appeared on the radio and several magazines including “Metal Hammer”, “Trash’em All” and “Heavy Metal Pages”. Archeon met with warm reception form an audience from every side of World.

In the beginning of the year 2006 band played during Winter Metal Fest 2006 tour, ending on the greatest metal festival in Eastern Europe – Metalmania. In the voting of the audience of Metalmania, Archeon became the best second stage performer of the festival. Without any doubt Archeon is going to show the world what are they made of!

Power/Speed/Melodic Death Metal

Apocalypse, life

Poland (Warsaw), formed in 2001


Changed name

Michal Kostrzynski - lead guitar, vocals (Made of Hate)
Tomek Grochowski - drums (Made of Hate)
Radek Polrolniczak - rhythm guitar (Made of Hate)
Jarek Kajszczak - bass (Made of Hate)

Michal Tomaszewski - guitar
Andrzej Sadrukala - bass
Janek Lesniak - keyboards


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