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Rigets Sandhed

Album: ''Rigets Sandhed'' (2004 Demo)
1. Nordens Fryd (Intro)
2. Tilbageblik
3. Stillborn
4. Ind I Lysets Evighed
5. Fjendens hævn
6. Kristnes Død
7. Call Of Sorrow
8. Forever Hatred

Album: ''Archain'' (2006 Demo)
1. Corpsefukk
2. Legion 666
3. Bloodcircles
4. Ind I Lysets Evighed
5. Tilbageblik
6. Stillborn
7. Crusifixion Dawn
8. Fjendens Hævn

Album: ''Constructive Violence'' (2006 Demo)
1. Corpsefukk
2. Constructive Violence
3. Legion 666
4. Ritualistic Torture
5. Crusifixion Dawn



In February 2003 the melodic Black Metal band Mort Brutale was created by Andreas, and another member (Anders) of that band. There was a lot of demo/live plans, but they got nowhere due to constant musician replacement and shit. 1-2 years went, but nothing really happened. That, boredom was the reasons for Andreas departure from the band. But Before leaving the band the plans for Archain (back then Archaon) was already made, with some guidance from Frostvind 'The Small Man', who convinced Andreas that some of the lyrics should be in Danish! Andreas had made all the music in MB and brought it along to Archain. He was counting on recording everything himself, but found out he would rather start up a new band. So during March and April 2004 he contacted some acquainted musicians, and asked them to join, their answer was....yes! In the end of April 05 they had their first rehearsal, and already during 4 hours they had rehearsed the 5 numbers, so they could play them, and went therefore straight to the studio to record the legendary demo 'Rigets Sandhed'.

2 years after Archain began; a lot of time has been wasted, on musician replacement (once again!). Now, finally in summer 2006, we found the right members that have what it takes to play in Archain! Our style has developed much the last years. In the first years we played almost pure black metal, with doom elements. Today it’s a solid mix of death, black, doom and thrash metal. But we take our roots in death metal. Therefore we call or style for schizophrenic metal, and our many fans now why! A lot of new material has been written, and hopefully soon a good new demo will come out, so the recordings of a full length album, and some tours can take place.

Death / Black Thrash Metal

Death, Suffering, Anti-christianity, Torture

Denmark (Copenhagen), formed in 2004



Andreas "Azathil" - Guitar, Vocals (Mzoracx, Crystalized)
Danni "Smertesorg" - Drums Mzoracx, Archeo, Smertesorg, Noctanium)
Aslak "Andimein" (Ravnesort) - Bass Mzoracx, Andimein)
Martin Warming Jensen - Guitar (Heidra)

Chris - Bass
Lars - Guitar
Laura - Female Vocals
Jens - Guitar
Erik - Guitar
Kræde - Bass
Jacob - Bass, Vocals


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