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A Clarion Silence

Album: ''A Clarion Silence'' (2004 EP)
1. Moonlust
2. Patience
3. A Clarion Silence
4. Sand

archaic guilt


Chapter 1

The history of Archaic Guilt begins in the fall of 2002, when Zaid was still bassist in
the then fledgling Dubai death metal band Nephelium. Having just completed recording their debut effort, then under the working title of Hymns Under A Crescent Moon of Treason, both the financial and mental pressure of being in the band took its toll on Zaid, and he proceeded to quit the band in September. Immediately afterwards, he contacted a friend and fellow guitarist by the name of Pavel Doujnikov, then fresh out of the band Gone Def. Together, Zaid and Pavel began to write the skeleton to what would become Archaic Guilt’s first track, Moonlust. They continued in their search for band members, incorporating bassist Jamal “Rusty” Al-Sayegh. However, it was apparent that he wasn’t up to the level of skill that the band wanted, and so a search began in secret for another bassist. Realising that a plot was being formed against him, Rusty quit in rage. Soon afterwards Pavel, ashamed of betraying an old friend of his, also quit. However, it wasn’t long afterwards that Zaid found eager new members...

Chapter 2

With the help of good friend Trey Grigg, bassist Bana Haffar and guitarist Sam Iqbal were the newest additions to the band. With them came undeniable musicianship and a passion for music unmatched by anyone else. With Moonlust now on the shelf, the three of them began writing new songs based on the compositions presented by Sam and Bana. With Sam’s stellar guitar work, Bana’s talent on the bass, and Zaid’s lyrical mastery, the new Archaic Guilt was born...still without a drummer, as was its new song, Phyrexian Dreams. With Trey Gigg eventually taking on managerial duties for the band writing continued, as did their search for a drummer. Zaid and Bana had started dating at the time as well, and so the band felt more like a family than ever. Eventually a drummer was found: Rami Lakkis, prodigal bassist of death metal band Abhorred, agreed to sit behind the kit. Now the band was seemingly complete, and with two more songs under the fold, things set out to look promising. But egos did flare, and so did tempers...

Chapter 3

Zaid, feeling that Trey’s managerial duties exceeded their definition, entered a battle of the egos for control of the band he had himself founded. Seeing as how they both saw the band going in different directions, both Zaid and Trey tried steering in the direction they saw more fitting. Zaid saw a progressive death metal band to the likes of Opeth and Paradise Lost: techincal, doomy, but without its moments of melodic salvation. Trey saw it more commercially based on the lastter day nu-metal outfits, a vision which Sam had shared with him apparently. Tempers flared even more, and the group fell did friendships and, eventually, Zaid and Bana’s relationship.
It didn’t stop Zaid though, as he continued to write the music and lyrics to what would become the A Clarion Silence album. In late 2003 he was introduced to producer Kiran Sequeira, and in February 2004 they began the recording and production of the the album. With Zaid playing all the instruments, Kiran assisting with lead guitar, and Alan from Nephelium taking drumming responsibilities, the album was finally completed in September of 2004, two full years after the bands inception.
Zaid has now moved to the UK, where he has brought talented guitarist Salem Yateem, and old friend, into the fold. Archaic Guilt now lives on as a duo. The story continues...


Progressive Death Metal

Loss, Grief, Guilt, Depression, Symbolic Imagery

United Arab Emirates (Dubai), formed in 2002

No Label


Zaid Al-Adham - Vocals, bass (Nephelium)
Salem Yateem - Lead & rhythm guitars
Alan Madhavan - Drums (Nervecell, Nephelium)

Alex Jubair - Guitars
Kiran Sequeria - Guitars


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