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Skazki Starogo Lesa

Album: ''Skazki Starogo Lesa'' (1999 Demo)
1. Sorcerers Of Russian Woods
2. Holy Nightmare
3. Tales From The Ancient Wood
4. Serpent Island

The Way Of Defender

Album: ''The Way Of Defender'' (2003)
1. The Birth
2. Ten Shots
3. The First Battle
4. On The Dark Way
5. The Ice
6. The Requiem

Second Strike: Through the Flames of the Ages

Album: ''Second Strike: Through the Flames of the Ages'' (2005)
1. The Rise
2. Wrong Future
3. The Saga of Vengance
4. Color of Death
5. Serpent Land
6. The Call of War
7. Purification of Wisdom



ARAFEL was created in 1997 in Tel Aviv, Israel by former Soviet Union origin youngsters. After few members changes first line up was completed:

OBOROTEN-guitars and vocals
CANDLELIGHT-keys and back vocals

ARAFEL started to play Black Metal, influenced by Slavonic (Russian, Ukranian) folk music. In April 1999 ARAFEL recorded their four demo songs at Delphi studio in Tel Aviv. Demo was titled "Skazki Starogo Lesa" ("Tales of Ancient Forest") and 200 copies were released in MC format in Israel . In Europe the demo released by Latvian label Beverina. There were released about 500 copies of this demo and totally sold out for a short time. The same year, a guitarist FELIUS joined the band, and ARAFEL played a several gigs (Jerusalem metalfest,Tomas Lindberg gig's supporting act, etc) In 2000 there were some additional changes in ARAFEL:

FELIUS - guitars
MIHAIL - guitars
LESHII -drums
G.R.O.M. (Lord Asmodeus)- bass
CANDLELIGHT-vocals, keyboards

During 2000-2002 the band played on many local gigs and festivals. Finally, after year of hard work the first full length album "The Way of Defender" was recorded in September 2002 at SELANI ( Poland ). Well thought-out concept album is about national Russian hero, Alexander Nevsky, Grand Duke of Russia of 13 century. Also ARAFEL shot the video "The Ice" featuring on this CD. The band started searching a label for releasing this album and in 2003 it was released by Russian label Sound Age under the license for the territory of Russia and C.I.S. only. Number of copies sold at a moment is approximately 2000. In Israel the album is released by Sauron (official Arafel management). "The Way of Defender" had positive feedbacks all over the world : 15 of 15 points by Legacy Magazine ( Germany ), 9 of 10 points by Multum in Parvo ( Poland ), 10 of 10 points by Metal Message ( etc. In 2003 Candlelight and Mihail left the band and the line up was changed again:

FELIUS- guitars
G.R.O.M. - bass
DIVERTIGO -keyboards (session)

In October 2004 new full length album was recorded in STUDIO X (Olsztyn, Poland) with Szymon Czech,who also worked with VESANIA, SCEPTIC, NYIA, BLACK ALTAR, NON OPUS DEI, LUNA AD NOCTUM, TANGESTE, ARCHEON, ENTER CHAOS, DEMISE. Participated: FELIUS-rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars, DANIEL VARFOLOMEYEV - bass, rhythm and lead guitars, LESHII-drums. Vocal parts have been recorded by session vocalist MIRON from known Russian band TVANGESTE. The CD was released under SPG-RELEASES in november 2005 and distributed in Germany , Austria and Switzerland by Twilight-Vertrieb.

In the begining of 2006 ARAFEL recruited a new members for live performances. The current line-up is:

FELIUS -guitar
Daniel VARFOLOMEYEV-guitar
LESHII -drums
ILIA -vocals
MAX- bass

After two years of silence, at February 2006 Arafel finally returned onstage in a concert with it's new lineup.

to be continued...


Folk Black Metal

Russian History & Legends

Israel (Tel Aviv), formed in 1997

SPG Releases


Leshii - Drums
Felius - Guitar
Ilia Badrov - Vocals (The Fading)
Natalia Silantieva - Violin

Candlelight - Vocals, Keyboards
Leon Notik (Oboroten) - Guitar, Vocals (ex-Excessum (Isr))
Mihail - Guitar
Alex Schuster - Guitar (Nail Within, Azazel (Isr))
Lord Asmodeus aka Grom - Bass
Alex Karlinsky (Divertigo) - Keyboards (Moth Eaten Dream, Acropolis)
Max Gringaus - Bass (Archery)
Daniel Varfolomeyev - Guitar (Acropolis)


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