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Album: ''Luxaeterna'' (2005)
1. Aeternalux
2. And Let The Show Begin
3. Here Comes The Life
4. Spirits Of Light
5. Humanity
6. Whispers And Pain Of Mother Nature
7. Choice Time
8. Judgement Day
9. Your Majesty Gaia
10. Luxaeterna



Aquaria is a Brazilian symphonic power metal band. They released their first album in 2005.

The new time arises. And with it comes the energy which flows from its winds, rivers and seas, its people and their hopes, the fountains of pure crystal water urging from the land, ready for a new cycle. This is AQUARIA ! AQUARIA is a gathering of people that perceive the same purpose: to set everyone in a journey of renewal and hope, with the strength and beauty of its songs. AQUARIA starts with members that came from a band called UIRAPURU, considered by the specialized media of Brazil and abroad as the "rising stars" of Brazilian power metal. Soon, the group managed to have a good appearance in the media, with interviews and reviews, with only one Demo CD, considered by many as its first album. In Japan, the band gains a cult status, with spontaneous reviews and requests for the recording of the first album, also with proposals from Japanese record labels, but, surprisingly, nothing that really motivated them.It was necessary to take another step further, to change the route, not the main goal. And with a mystical happening, comes the name AQUARIA, with numerous meanings surrounding it. A wide name, full of sonority. Beside AQUARIA?S saga, a history that also has cycles: the LUXAETERNA saga. This one tells the story abut the genesis of the world. A "Rock Opera", where each song is an episode of a cosmic myth. The Higher Beings, by the leadership of Uranus, create all the things, and with them, GAIA, supreme goddess and the Earth itself, whom responsibility is the creation of the living creatures. In this ambition, She creates Mankind, provided from free expression. This issue creates doubts among the Higher Ones, not giving them the blessing, because of the possibility of them to be sub judged. In consequence, creatures of bad intentions, observing the doubt of the Gods, start to spread the hate among the people. GAIA was responsible for this and banished from the astral plane, becoming a human. A great battle is started, with a great end for Gaia, who became the Queen of the Earth.It was necessary to represent this story in a bombastic way, so a great team for the production was requested. The album was recorded at Creative Sound Studios, in S?o Paulo, by Philip Colodetti (the best heavy metal sound engineer of Brazil, that worked with Angra, Shaman, Kamelot, Krisiun, Heavenly, Rhapsody, to name a few). The guitar recording sessions were recorded by Ricardo Nagata and was supervised and technically supported by Rafael Bittencourt, Angra?s guitarrist.The album was premixed and sent to the Japanese labels, in an attempt to raise budget for the album finishing. This strategy was noticed by MARQUEE RECORDS that has in its cast some of the most successful bands in the metal scene, such as Megadeth, Edguy, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica and others. Therefore, with this support, the album was mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth at Gate Studios, in Wolfsburg, Germany. Sascha is considered the greatest producer of Power/Symphonic Metal. In the artwork, the cover was created and drawn by Roberto Campus, an Italian graphic artist that lives in the United States. Among his artworks, there are works for Marvel Comics, For the logo, something of great responsibility, Eric Philippe was requested, the one who made the covers and logos from a lot of successful bands such as Rhapsody and Shaman. The photos were taken by Washington Possato, a very well known photographer in Brazil, who did the last jobs of Marcelo D2, Nando Reis and the live DVD and CD of Ivete Sangalo, top seller in Brazil in 2004. Let it flow, the river follows its way, forging eras and cycles of life, creation and renewal. This is AQUARIA

Symphonic Power Metal

Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), formed in 1999



Fernando Giovannetti - Bass (The Supremacy)
Bruno W. Agra - Drums
Alberto Kury - Keyboards
Vitor Veiga - Vocals (Endless (Bra))
Gustavo Di P�dua - Guitars (Endless (Bra))
Roberto Scripillitti - Guitar

Leandro Gomes - Guitar
Leandro Ca�oilo - Vocals (Eterna (Bra), Sacred Sinner)
Rick Mour - Guitar


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