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Scorched Heavens

Album: ''Scorched Heavens'' (2004 EP)
1. Godmade Abyss
2. To Bring Down the Blessed Mother
3. Scorched Heaven's Sunset

Apostate Angel

Album: ''Apostate Angel'' (2006)
1. Foreplay for Overthrow
2. Triumphant Vengeance Departed (ATFCT)
3. Godmade Abyss
4. Song of the Innocent
5. Heretage of Mankind
6. To Bring Down the Blessed Mother
7. Scorched Heavens Sunset
8. Burning Autumn
9. Korroosio/Runkkaus (Corrosion/Jerk-Off)
10. Viviane
11. A Dying God
12. Stormbringer
13. Thorn Tongue
14. Razorwire


Antipope is a Finnish extreme metal band formed in Oulu in the summer 2004 by S Heinilehto (bass), M Myllykangas (guitars/vocals) and J Palmu (drums).

The three had a long history of playing together. Back in the last years of the 1990's they formed a black metal group called Tuska and recorded an old school black metal demo in the summer of 1998. The demo was never released and it is uncertain whether any copies of it remain.

Around the turn of the millennium SH, MM and JP began to explore new areas of music, composing psychedelic progressive rock/metal in the spirit of the Doors, Tool, King Crimson, Kingston Wall and Frank Zappa without forgetting elements of more extreme metal they used to play earlier.

After a couple of years of all kinds of musical experimentations, the group decided to have another try in black metal or in extreme metal in general. In the summer and autumn of 2004, MM composed half-dozen songs, in which elements of heavy and black metal form an amalgam of energy and varying atmosphere.

Antipope existed as a trio for little over a year until in the autumn of 2005 J Rikberg took the responsibility of lead guitarist. Need for another guitarist had risen once the band began to consider taking steps to perform live - after positive feedback from those who had heard their home-made recordings - although the band originally did consider themselves as only a studio group.

By the end of the year 2006 Antipope compiled the material they had written so far on a CD "Apostate Angel" which has been distributed to friends and fans.

Black Metal

Anti religious

Finland (Oulu), formed in 2004



Santtu Heinilehto - Bass (2004-)
Mikko Myllykangas - Guitar & Vocals (2004-)
Jyri Palmu - Drums (2004-)
Juho Rikberg - Lead Guitar (2005-)


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