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Ben : The World

Album: ''Ben : The World's Perfect Shooting Target'' (2001)
1. Ten Bens In A Den
2. Mexican Carlos (Can Bring You Burritos)
3. A Beautiful Song For A Beautiful Lady
4. Eat My Poop (Drink My Pee)
5. Everytime I Hear Disco Music I Have To Shit
6. Duck Tales Theme (Anti-Ben Mix)
7. Fancy
8. Glenn Benton Sounds Funny Live In Concert
9. I Love You (Him Version)
10. My Tribute To Black Metal
11. High In The Sky (Chicken On Rye)
12. Marriage Is For Bens
13. Mary Had A Little Lamb
14. I Want To Punch Anne Murray In The Nose
15. Awake In Defecation
16. Dave Matthews Ripped Me Off (And So Did Opeth)
17. The Time Our Microphone Messed Up
18. Mike Tyson Thinks He's Tough Because He's A Rapist
19. Schmotz
20. This Could Be An Anal Cunt Song Because It Reminds Me Of Homos
21. Manowar Are No Kings Of Metal (But Anti-Ben Is)
22. God Must Have Spent (N'sync Cover)
23. The Last Straw

The Anti-Ben Lives

Album: ''The Anti-Ben Lives'' (2001)
1. Intro
2. Benjamin Franklin Sucks
3. Jimi's Weiner
4. Curse Of The Irish Ben
5. Ben There, Killed That
6. Mac N' Cheese
7. I Like To Play Nintendo
8. My Conquest To Destroy The Oldest Ben
9. ...And Every Hand
10. Two Retards In A Street Brawl
11. Cheese Is Good
12. Sauce
13. Marley Bugs
14. Mass Infestation Of Rotting Ben Bodies
15. Sean In The Shower
16. In Ben They Trust
17. Hillbilly Ben
18. Call Of The Forest Ben
19. Intense Homosexual Skills Of Gayness
20. Dr. Feelgood (Motley Crue Cover)
21. California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys Cover)
22. Mac N' Cheese (Live Outro)

The Ben Massacre

Album: ''The Ben Massacre'' (2002)
1. Backyard Ball Game
2. The Almighty Benslayer
3. Bacon Double Cheeseburger Pizza Pops
4. The Rusty Trombone
5. It's A Dimosaur
6. Mario Thrash
7. The 1950's Sucked
8. The Ben Massacre
9. The Great Sounds Of Shmeez
10. There Once Was a Traffic Jam In My Ass (And Laxitive Was The Only Green Light)
11. Too Grim For You
12. Shake Your Pants (Cockroach Papa John)
13. Hillbilly Ben pt.2 (The Shooting Of Tennessee Lee)
14. I Messed Up
15. Zelda Medley
16. Soulfly Isn't Tribal Metal, They're Indiancore
17. Kung Fu Is Coo
18. Johnson & Johnson
19. I Can't Feel My Legs
20. Hillbilly Ben (THe Queer Mix)
21. Too Grim For You Too
22. The War Legion of Slaughter
23. With Or Without You (U2 Cover)
24. What Happened To The Drunkaroos?

Bloodthirsty Benslayers

Album: ''Bloodthirsty Benslayers'' (2003)
1. Ben Forever Excreted (Forever Defeated)
2. Anti-Ben vs. You
3. Wargon The Wizard
4. I, Killer Of Bens!
5. Never Fail Fudge
6. Funk You
7. Ben-Style (Like A Mufuckah Up In Hea')
8. Here Comes The Anti-Ben (In His Mighty Fine Suit)
9. On Top Of A Mountain
10. The Yeah Song
11. The Time Our Microphone Was On (Part I)
12. Every Time You Burp (You Gain Some Calcium)
13. The Rust Bust
14. Am I A Fart? (Metal Version)
15. What Do You Mean? (Cross The Road)
16. The Time Our Microphone Was On (Part II)
17. Under The Rug Of Rats
18. GO! (Laugh)
19. Ben Beheadment
20. Casino Ben
21. The 100th Song
22. Ben-Style (Censored Version)
23. Shmotz (Metal Version)
24. What You Are (Besides A Ben Of Course)
25. Emo Is For Bens
26. Through The Heart
27. The Ode To Us
28. Romance Is A Flower
29. The Chapel Of Poo (Is The Chapel For You)
30. Born In The U.S.A. (Bruce Spingsteen Cover)

Experimental Death/Thrash Metal

Hating Bens, Nonsense

United States of America (Battle Ground, Washington)

Dark Forest Productions


The Anti-Ben - Lead Vocals/Guitars/Synth/Drums
The Rusty Trombone - Backing/Lead Vocals

Dirty Sanchez - Backing/Lead Vocals
Donkey Punch - Guitars/Drums
Shmeez - Backing/Lead Vocals


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