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Album: ''Anthem'' (1985)
1. Wild Anthem
2. Red Light Fever
3. Lay Down
4. Racin' Rock
5. Warning Action
6. Turn Back to the Night
7. Rock 'n' Roll Stars
8. Blind City
9. Star Information
10. Steeler

Ready to Ride

Album: ''Ready to Ride'' (1985 EP)
1. Ready to Ride
2. Shed
3. Steeler
4. Rock 'n' Roll Stars
5. Lay Down


Album: ''Tightrope'' (1986)
1. Victim in Your Eyes
2. Night After Night
3. Death to Death
4. Tightrope Dancer
5. Driving Wire
6. Finger's on the Trigger
7. Light It Up
8. Back Street Groove
9. Black Eyed Tough


Album: ''Xanadu'' (1986 Single)
1. Xanadu - Act 1
2. Xanadu - Act 2

Bound to break

Album: ''Bound to break'' (1987)
1. Bound to Break
2. Empty Eyes
3. Show Must Go On
4. Rock 'n' Roll Survivor
5. Soldiers
6. Limited Lights
7. Machine Made Dog
8. No More Night
9. Headstrong
10. Fire 'n' the Sword

Seven Hills

Album: ''Seven Hills'' (2001)
1. Grieve of Heart
2. Raging Twister
3. XTC
4. The Man with No Name
5. March to the Madness
6. D.I.M. 422
7. Running Blood
8. Freedom
9. Silently and Perfectly
10. The Innocent Man


Album: ''Overload'' (2002)
1. Revenge
2. The Voices
3. Demon's Ride
4. Rough and Wild
5. Rescue You
6. Ground Zero
7. Overload
8. Desert of the Sea
9. Gotta Go
10. Eternal Mind



There are 3 Artists named Anthem

#1. Anthem is a legendary Japanese heavy metal band founded in Tokyo during 1981 as a quartet of singer Toshihito Maeda, guitarist Akifumi Koyanagi, bass player Naoto Shibata ("Ski") and drummer Takamasa Ohuchi. Koyanagi left in late 1983 to be replaced by Hiroya Fukada. In December 1984 vocalist Toshihito Maeda also left and Anthem drafted Eizo Sakamoto for their debut eponymous album issued in July 1985 by Nexus and licensed to Europe via Roadrunner Records. Their first release is "Anthem" album, featuring classics songs like 'Wild Anthem' and 'Warning Action'. The next release, "Tightrope" show a more melodic sound with a great vocal perfomance by Eizo. "Bound to Break" it was the last album featuring Eizo Sakamoto on 80's, again, the album is full of classics (Empty Eyes, Bound to Break, Soldiers). With the departure of Eizo in 1988, Naoto recruited Yukio Morikawa to the band vocals. With Yukio came the album Gypsy Ways, considered the best band album. the voice of Yukio make a great success at that time, for being similar to Graham Bonnet. In 89, the album "Hunting Time" it was released, in which the music "The Juggler" it was used to make a PV. In the beggining of 90's another departure, this time Hiroya Fukuda (guitar) left and it was being replaced by Hideaki 'Shadow Walker' Nakama which recorded the album "No Smoke Without Fire". Hideaki left the band after recording the album and became the search for another guitarrist. After many audition takes the young Akio Shimizu joined the band. In 1992, the band release "Domestic Booty", one of their best albums, with amazing and technical songs (coutersy of Akio): Venom Strike, Blinded Pain and The Dice of No Mercy. Unfortenatelly, 90's it went a bad year to the metal, and with the explosion of Visual Kei movement Naoto decides to put a end in the band. The members of Anthem make a very big tour covering many cities of Japan and finally they release the VHS/CD "Last Anthem - Live" recorded at Nissin Power Station, the last show of the band.
Fortunatelly, they returned in 2000, with the album "Heavy Metal Anthem" which featured the vocalist Graham Bonnet (from Rainbow), the album is entirely composed by classic band songs rearranged to English. The member of HMA are: Graham Bonnet (vocals), Naoto Shibata (bass), Akio Shimizu (guitar) and Takamasa Oouchi (drums)
Later, Hiro Homma (which played together with Shibata on Loudness) replaced Takamasa on the band and Eizo returned to the vocals. In 2001 they released Seven Hills, showing a very renovating metal sound. In 2002 came "Overload", much more agressive than Seven Hills. In 2003 the band recorded "Live Melt Down" in Citta Club Kawazaki, with a setlist full of classics and a amazing perfomance by Eizo. 2004 the band release the single "Onslaught" followed by the album "Eternal Warrior" following the sound direction of Overload. In 2005, Anthem celebrates the 20th Year Anniversary with a amazing tour where all the member of the band since 1985 played the band songs in their respective formations. At the final show of this tour it was filmed the dvd "20th Year Anniversary" (again at Citta Club Kawazaki).
In 2006 Anthem released "Immortal", followed by the single and PV of "Immortal Bind".

Hardcore band

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut
United States

Dio-tribute band from Norway.

Heavy Metal

Life, Fighting, Freedom, Love, Fantasy

Japan (Tokyo), formed in 1980

JVC Victor


Eizo Sakamoto - Vocals (Animetal)
Akio Shimizu - Guitars
Naoto Shibata - Bass (Loudness, Saber Tiger)
Hirotsugu Homma - Drums (Loudness, E.Z.O., Saber Tiger,Flatbacker)

Yoshitaka Mikuni
Don Airey (ex-Alaska (UK), Deep Purple, Crossbones (Guest), ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Iommi, ex-Judas Priest, ex-Divlje Jagode, Empire (Ger), ex-Glenn Tipton, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Rainbow, ex-Sinner (Ger), ex-The Cage, M.S.G., Whitesnake)

Takamasa Ohuchi (5X)

Kazumasa Saitoh
Hiroya Fukuda
Akifumi Koyanagi
Hideaki Nakama (Hurry Scuary)

Graham Bonnet (ex-Impellitteri, ex-Alcatrazz, ex-Rainbow, ex-Michael Schenker Group, The Marbles, Blackthorne, Taz Taylor Band , Forcefield)
Yukio Morikawa (Powernude)
Toshihito Maeda


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