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Nihil Khaos - live

Album: ''Nihil Khaos - live '99'' (1999 Live album)
1. Inner War
2. Seventh Ceremony
3. Those With No Eyes
4. Daemon
5. Specimen 23
6. Bleeding

Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan

Album: ''Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan'' (2000)
1. Inner War
2. Seventh Ceremony
3. Devotee
4. Those With No Eyes
5. Specimen 23
6. Bleeding Blasphemy
7. Nihil Khaos
8. Daemon (live)

De Principii Evangelikum

Album: ''De Principii Evangelikum'' (2002)
1. Intro / Intravenal Call
2. De Principii Evangelikum
3. Seen Through Skarz
4. Wormz On Day VI
5. Nave X Kathedral
6. Illegal Angelz
7. Xristik Throne
8. Sanctus
9. Blood War III
10. Outro

Satanik Audio Violence

Album: ''Satanik Audio Violence'' (2002 Live album)
1. Inner War
2. Those With No Eyes
3. Devotee
4. Seventh Ceremony
5. Blood War III
6. Nihil Khaos
7. Reverse Voices Of The Dead
8. Bleeding Blasphemy

From the Entrails to the Dirt

Album: ''From the Entrails to the Dirt'' (2005 Split)
1. Interior Crack Psycho Angel Bitch
2. Rejection and Raising Perdition Blaze
3. Send Me to Hell / Day of Wine and Thorns
4. Gates to the Outside
5. My Way (Frank Sinatra cover)
6. Tears of a Melancholic Vampire
7. Mass Grave Aesthetics

Blood Libels

Album: ''Blood Libels'' (2006)
1. Rot
2. Cyklik Torture
3. Control and Abuse
4. Colliding in Ashes
5. Words as Weapons
6. Here is Punishment
7. Gates to the Outside
8. Blood Libels



ANTAEUS (1) French Black Death metal/
satanistic band.(2) Greek-born, LA-based electronica
DJ/artist/producer. (3) American Indiei/Alt Rock Band.
(4) Oklahoma-based hardcore/Metal band.

(1) AntaeuS originally formed in the mid-90s. Current
members are Mkm (vocals) Guitars Servus (guitars),
LSK (bass), and ZVN (drums). Albums include:
DePrincipii Evangelikum, Cut Yur flesn ahd Worship
Satan, and Blood Libels. They play extreme death
metal. Their motto is: SataNik Audio Violence. Also Myspace/antaeusdpe.

(2) Since 1986, Antaeus (aka Alexx Antaeus) has
remixed/produced for Young M.C., Falco, Herbert
Gronemeyer, and Earth, Wind & Fire. His personal
WORLD PRAYER,and ZERO4. Antaeus blends urban
and club beats with ethnic melodies and ambient sensitivity.
His music has been used on TV ads, during shows, and in
several compilations, including BUDDHA BAR VIII.
He is a voting member of NARAS, and he has received
the Best Disc Jockey in Los Angeles award. Similar
artist: Enigma. Website:

(3) Alternative rock band from Smithtown, USA.
Tyler Liers (lead guitar/vocals), Brian Kassay
(rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Julie Tarry (drums),
and Hannah Havemann (bass). Influences: Weezer,
The Beatles.

(4) Oklahoma-based Hardcore/Metal/Grindcore band.
No other info available on Antaeus.

Raw Black Metal

Satanism, Hate, Self-Mutilation

France (Maisons Laffitte), formed in 1994

Norma Evangelium Diaboli

On hold

MkM (Hervé Queyroix) - Vocals (1996- ) (Aosoth, Tenebrare, Deviant (Fra), Temple of Baal, Nachtmystium)
LSK - Bass (2003- ) (Hell Militia, Vorkreist, Corpus Christii, Love Lies Bleeding)
Set - Guitars (1999- ) (Aes Dana, Aosoth, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition)

Guitars :
Antaeus/Greg Piat (1994-1999) (also vocals on first demo)
Thorgon (1999-2003) (Aosoth, Eternal Majesty, Deviant (Fra))
Servus (2003-2006) (Deathcode of the Abyss)
Amduscias (Temple of Baal)
Thurim (Tenebrare)

Bass :
Dark Priest
Sagoth (1999-2003) (Eternal Majesty, Ancestral Fog, Reverence, Aosoth)

Drums :
Storm (1994-2003) (Arkhon Infaustus, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Aes Dana)
ZVN (2003-2006) (Necroblaspheme)
Fleshkult (live 2006) (Horrid Flesh)

Keyboards :


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