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Album: ''Exile'' (1997)
1. Prologue - To Exclude From The Cycle Of Generations / Cycle I - Delusive Complexion
2. Sequence 1 - Spiritu Fornicationis / Action 1 - Distressing Amnios
3. Sequence 2 - Say The World That Fall In The Sky / Action 2 - Gnostic Wails
4. Sequence 3 - The Unveiled Mirror / Action 3 - Other Wails
5. Sequence 4 - Divert The Necessities Of The Body / Cycle II - Burning Tongue
6. Sequence 1 - Against The Sail / Action 1 - Vertebrae Embryo
7. Sequence 2 - Faith / Action 2 - Discordant Effects Of Suicides
8. Sequence 3 - Acclaim New Master / Action 3 - Slave
9. Sequence 4 - First Tasting Of Faecal Matter / Cycle III - Man-Machine
10. Sequence 1 - Some Miracles Of Entrails / Action 1 - Not Showed
11. Sequence 2 - Spirit Of The Valley / Action 2 - Enclose
12. Sequence 3 - Flesh Goes Out Without Grace
13. Epilogue - Running Of Mental Fluids

Sodomizing The Archedangel

Album: ''Sodomizing The Archedangel'' (1999 EP)
1. Divine White Light of a Cuming Decadence
2. Blood and Latex Terrortech War
3. Excreted Communion Under Khaos Zero
4. A Caress of Flesh and Vomited Romance


Album: ''Drudenhaus'' (2000)
1. A Doleful Night In Thelema
2. The Drudenhaus Anthem
3. God Bless The Hustler
4. Enter The Church Of Fornication
5. Tragedia Dekadencia
6. Divine White Light Of A Cumming Decadence
7. Dirge And Requiem For My Sister Whore
8. Das Ist Zum Erschiessen Schön
9. The Red Archromance

New Obscurantis Order

Album: ''New Obscurantis Order'' (2001)
1. Mother Anorexia
2. Chatiment de la Rose
3. Black Death, Nonetheless
4. Stabat Mater Dolorosa
5. Le Portail de la Vierge
6. The Altar of Holocausts
7. Hail Tyranny
8. Ordo ab Chao: The Scarlet Communion

Redemption Process

Album: ''Redemption Process'' (2004)
1. The Shining
2. Antinferno
3. Sister September
4. Worship Manifesto
5. Codex-Veritas
6. An Amen
7. The Sacrament

The September EP

Album: ''The September EP'' (2005 EP)
1. Sister September (directors's cut mix)
2. La Chouanne (Forbidden Site Cover)*
3. Quintessence (Darkthrone Cover)*
4. I'll Kill You (X-Japan Cover)*
5. The Shining (live)*
6. Stabat Mater Dolorosa (Live)*
7. Worship Manifesto (live)*
8. Le Portail de la Vierge (live)*

anorexia nervosa


Anorexia Nervosa was born in June 1995, rising from the ashes of Necromancia. The line up was , then: Stefan Bayle (guitars), Marc Zabé (guitars), Pier Couquet (bass), Nilcas Vant (drums) and Stéphane Gerbaud (vocals). At this time, the band used to play a dark and heavy death metal, with gothic, dark-wave and industrial influences. After many concerts throughout France (with bands such as Sup, Yuggoth, Opera IX), Anorexia Nervosa released the first demo, Nihil Negativum (October 1995). This record, distributed in more than 1200 copies has definitely established the band's reputation in the underground.

During a show in Southern France, Michael Berberian of Season Of Mist noticed the band and proposed them a contract for an album.

The first album, Exile, was released in 1997. It was recorded at the LB Studio, produced by Stéphane Buriez of Loudblast and mixed by Bruno Donini; it represents an outcome in the experiment and the research on madness. Quite far from metal, Exile is a concept-album on the topic of the neurosis and the denial of existence. Built on a text divided in three cycles, themselves divided in sequences, it has ritual and auto- erotic parts, and others flirting with indus, metal and gothic. This album, of which 2400 copies have been sold, has allowed the band to be known out of the underground scene, thanks to a promotion in the European press, some participations in compilations, and a succession of concerts with Cradle Of Filth, Absu, Enslaved, Misanthrope and so on.

Yet, the next period has seen the questioning for Anorexia Nervosa. Actually some members wanted to keep in the experiment, but momst did not agree. Then Stéphane Gerbaud and Marc Zabé left the band. Anorexia Nervosa took advantage of this period to create its present style, the real "Dark Nihilistic Metal". A fast, powerful, orchestral, monumental metal, that represented more their intentions and their romantic and nihilistic way of life.

Then they have needed one year to compose and sharpen their songs until perfection before they decided to record the EP Sodomizing the Archedangel at the Drudenhaus Studio in February 1999, after having hired two new members. Hreidmarr (vocals) et Neb Xort (keyboards). This recording, that was supposed to be a foretaste of the next album, allowed the band to sign a contract with the main label for extreme metal, Osmose Productions, and allowed the crowd to get used to this new musical trend.

After a French tour as a support for Immortal in September 1999, Anorexia Nervosa came back to the Drudenhaus Studios, and after three months of being locked up and working hard, in March 2000 the very expected Drudenhaus was released. This album, very speed, far better produced, symphonic, with classical and baroque influences, is in many ways the masterpiece in the band's career. Idolized by the national and international press, it also had a great success among the fans, and boosted Anorexia Nervosa as the leader of the French metal scene. Then many concerts and festivals followed in France, Benelux and Switzerland, with bands such as Cradle Of Filth, Rotting Christ, Aggressor, Seth, and the reactions are still very enthusiastic after the very visual performances of the band.

Now, Anorexia Nervosa is ready to come back in studio to record the successor to Drudenhaus, that should be released next September on Osmose Productions. This new opus should overcome the limits of metal, it should be more violent, darker and full of hatred, more orchestral and wagnerian, it is already previewed to be one of the best albums for 2001.

They are lyrically themed towards violence, depression (older albums), and redemption(newer albums).

In 2007 Stefan Bayle claimed that the Anorexia Nervosa in on hold status now as they weren't able to find such vocalist as Rose Hreidmarr who left band in the 2005.

Current line-up:
Stefan Bayle - Guitar
Pier Couquet - Bass
Nilcas Vant - Drums
Neb Xort - Keyboards

Symphonic Black Metal

Violence, Depression (old), Redemption (new)

France (Nantes/Limoges), formed in 1995

Listenable Records

On hold

Stefan Bayle: Guitar
Pier Couquet: Bass
Nilcas Vant: Drums
Neb Xort: Keyboards

Stéphane Gerbaut: Vocals (1995-1998)
Marc Zabé: Guitar (1995-1998)
Hreidmarr: Vocals (1998-2005) (Count Nosferatu Kommando, ex-My Darkest Dream, ex-Malveliance, ex-Finnugor (guest), ex-Tamtrum (guest))


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