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Throne of the Annunaki

Album: ''Throne of the Annunaki'' (2007)
1. Through Chaos
2. Eucharist
3. March of the Militia of the Dead
4. Dysphoria Delirium
5. Torture
6. Ruler of None
7. Beyond the Realms of Human Comprehension
8. Blunt Scalpel Extraction
9. Killer Instinct
10. Perpetual Suffering
11. Incarcerate in Rapture
12. Death Cycle
13. Throne of the Annunaki



The road to Annunaki's inception is a long and storied one, with many detours along the way. Hailing from Bayonne, New Jersey, four individuals with one voice - a vigorous outlashing of savage brutality. Rooted squarely in the extreme metal field, Annunaki extends beyond, delivering an intense thrash metal assault fused with elements of blackened death metal.

Beginning in late 2005, the trio of Kevin Kuzma, John Blicharz, and Karl Odenwalder, sought an outlet for their aggression. The band had a desire to transcend the restrictions of the thrash metal genre. With influences ranging from the extreme death metal and black metal fields, the band sought a vocalist who could make these influences felt in their music. The band recruited vocalist Tony Stanziano to achieve their desired sound, and Annunaki was born.

After demoing several tracks in early 2006, the material evolved simultaneously with the band. In a few short months, Annunaki had conjured a collection of brutal songs to be unleashed upon the masses. In June 2006, Sharing the stage with Metal Mike's Painmuseum, Annunaki made an impact immediately with their live debut. Since then, Annunaki has shared the stage with the likes of Carnivore, Deicide, Nachtmystium, Anal Cunt, Lair of the Minotaur, among others.

In late September 2006, Annunaki entered the studio to carve their creations in stone. Recorded with Eric Kvortek at Trax East Studios(God Forbid, Symphony X, Sinai Beach) and mastered at West-West Side Music with Alan Douches (Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Krisiun, Nile), the relentless aggression conjured and crafted over the last year has been compiled and dispersed among thirteen tracks. A vicious onslaught from start to finish, "Throne of the Annunaki" takes metal to every extreme. Annunaki shall continue on their path in 2007, leaving no boundary uncrossed.

Black/Death/Thrash Metal

War, Death, Religion

United States of America (Bayonne, NJ), formed in 2005

Militia Records


Tony Stanziano - Vocals
John Blicharz - Guitar
Karl Odenwalder - Bass
Kevin Kuzma - Drums (Blood Feast)


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