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For Snow Covered the Northland

Album: ''For Snow Covered the Northland'' (1996)
1. A Hymn To The Northern Empire
2. In The Land Of The Crimson Moon
3. They Gather Where Snow Falls Forever
4. Through Rivers Of The Eternal Blackness
5. The Journey Of The Ancients
6. As Snow Covers the Northland
7. No Tears At His Funeral
8. Forest Of Summoned Spirits
9. A Ravens Reflection Of The Ancient Northland
10. The Serpent's Sleep Is Not Eternal
11. At The Other Side
12. The Sleep Within

The Calling

Album: ''The Calling'' (1997)
1. The Awakening Of The Ancient Serpent
2. The Calling Of Nocturnal Demons
3. As The Twelve Legions Of Angels Died
4. In The Profane Domain Of The Frostbeast
5. Spiritual Forces Of Evil In The Heavenly Realms
6. And To The Depths They Descended
7. At The Stone Of Ancient Wisdom
8. Of Darkness Spawned Into Eternity
9. Through The Mist Of Dusk They Arose And Clad The Sky With Fire

...And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled

Album: ''...And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled'' (2000)
1. Preludium - Lucifer, Aieth Gadol Leolam
2. And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled
3. With His Triumph Came Fire
4. Interludium - The Fall Of Man
5. As The Morningstar Shineth
6. The Serpent's Blessing
7. Postludium - His Creation Reversed
8. The Spell

Cometh Doom, Cometh Death

Album: ''Cometh Doom, Cometh Death'' (2004)
1. Invocation of The World Destroyers
2. Arphe de a Londoh de Ialpor Salbrox
3. Sulphurfields
4. Cometh Doom, Cometh Death
5. Procreation Denied
6. Retaliation of The Rebellious
7. A Acroodzi de a Galvah
8. Universal Annihilation

ancient wisdom


Ancient Wisdom in a swedish atmospheric black metal band. Formed in 1992 by Marcus E. Norman under the name Ancient, changed it after the release of their first demo album, In the Eye of the Serpent , into Ancient Wisdom. After recording another demo, Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness (1994), the band was offered a contract from Avantgarde Music. Since then four abums: For Snow Covered the Northland (1996), The Calling (1997), And the Physical Shape of Light Bled (2000) and Cometh Doom, Cometh Death (2004) have been recorded.

For Snow Covered the Northland was recorded in 1994, but due technical problems it was released in 1996. During this time Marcus E. decided to continue Ancient Wisdom on his own. Hence, he does everything himself.

Atmospheric Black Metal

Sweden (Umeå, Västerbotten), formed in 1993

Avantgarde Music


Marcus E. Norman (Vargher) - All instruments, Vocals (Bewitched (Swe), Havayoth, Naglfar (Swe), Throne of Ahaz)

Ulf Andersson - Drums (Bewitched (Swe), Naglfar (Swe), Nocturnal Rites)
Fredrik Jakobsson - Bass, Vocals (ex-Disorge, Throne Of Ahaz)
Andreas Nilsson - Guitars (ex-Midvinter, Naglfar (Swe))

Session Musicians:
Jens Rydén - Piano, Keyboards (Dead Silent Slumber, Naglfar (Swe), Profundi, Thyrfing)
Kristoffer "Wrath" Olivius - Guest vocals (Bewitched (Swe), ex-Midvinter, Naglfar (Swe), ex-Setherial)


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